Kim Kardashian Orders Kanye Cover-Up Bianca Around Their Kids

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While The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian, tries to play nice in the sandbox with her ex-husband, she has some demands. After Kanye West chose to post photos of his new wife, Bianca Censori in revealing attire, Kim is livid. Notably, she insists that Kanye keep his wife covered up while their kids are around.

Kim Kardashian Orders Kanye To Tell His Wife To Cover Up

Lately, Kanye West was hit by the media discussing his inappropriate postings of his wife, Bianca Censori. Although Kim Kardashian and Bianca seem to be on good terms, this is an area she doesn’t agree with her on. Reportedly Kim is demanding Kanye tell Bianca Censori to cover her body while their four kids are around. Although she isn’t ordering her to stop altogether, she doesn’t approve of Bianca’s risque outfits around North, ten, Saint, eight, Chicago, six, and Psalm, four. An inside source says, “Kim instructed Kanye to never let Bianca dress like that around their kids.” Additionally, the source says Kim is shocked by how Kanye acts. She says, “She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that.”


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Kim Kardashian’s Demand Comes With Good Reason

But The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian’s judgment didn’t come up unprovoked. Instead, it derives from an action from Kanye West and Kim’s eldest daughter, North West. On Thursday, Kim shared a video of North’s journal that included a nude drawing of her stepmother. In an exercise of gratefulness, North depicts Bianca Censori in her art. At the top of the page, it says, “What three things are you grateful for today?” While North’s artwork is impressive for a ten-year-old, the subject matter is a bit inappropriate for her age group. And she constructed her sentences well to describe her thoughts. Additionally, her penmanship was clear and easy to read. Including one item listed: “I’m grateful for the Vultures I album because it’s insanely good.”

Kim Kardashian discovers North West's journal. - TikTok
Kim Kardashian discovers North West’s journal. – TikTok

North West Shows Her Artist Talents

Within the list of things North West was grateful for, Kim Kardashian discovers that Kanye West‘s new album is high on her mind. All three of her points were related to the Vultures I album. Although Kim seemingly understood North’s interest in her dad’s work, there were more areas of concern. For instance, the truly troubling portion for Kim was a realistic rendition of Bianca Censori, right down to the itty bitty thong drawn on her backside. It was crafted after the front cover of the album. Unmistakeably, this was the catalyst for the demands on Kanye and Bianca.

North West draws a realistic rendition of Kanye and Bianca. - TikTok
North West draws a realistic rendition of Kanye and Bianca. – TikTok

Fans Believe Kanye Is Traumatizing The Kids

Although Kim Kardashian has “a dog in the fight,” she is still co-parenting her children with Kanye West. Notably, he has been adamant that he can post his wife as much as he wants and people should leave him alone. But many of The Kardashians fans fear that the kids are being traumatized by his choice to post his wife the way that he does.

  • “Imagine your dad posting this.”
  • “I feel terribly for his children and any other child in the family. They will experience the traumatic effects of this psychopath.”
  • “Kanye – if you don’t want your daughter exploited in this manner when she grows up – maybe you shouldn’t exploit your wife in such a manner. Kids grow up to do as you do.”
  • “What is wrong with you, Kanye? Parading her around like a piece of meat! So degrading!”
  • “Man, I really did used to look up to you. The fact that you expose your girl’s body for other men to look at. It’s a huge disgrace, and you know that too.” 


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What do you think about Kanye West posting Bianca Censori frequently in risque outfits? Do you think Kim Kardashian has a right to order him to cover her up when she is around their kids? What would you have done after discovering North West‘s journal? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Kim does the same damn thing and then some. Did she forget her and Ray J are the reason they’re even on TV. So, her kids are going to find out 1 day. She’ll have to answer to them. And, when her girls do something like that, she’s going to have to just accept it. And, the fall out from it. She’s just a scumbag, imo. Now she’s trying to play the *holier then thou* act. She’s a good roll model etc. She took the easy way out as far as law school goes too. She would fail getting her associates degree.

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