Swifties Defend Travis Kelce After Receiving Shade For Texting

Travis Kelce from The New Heights Podcast, sourced from YouTube

Swifties rushed to defend Travis Kelce after he received shade for being on his phone while his girlfriend Taylor Swift was performing. It has gotten ridiculous the things people get mad at celebrities over. Travis and Taylor are currently in Singapore as Taylor performs on her Eras Tour. It seems as though Travis was caught checking his phone during one of her songs and someone posted a video unhappy about it. The video did not go the way they thought after a ton of people rushed to his defense.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been dating for several months now. Kelce attended Swift’s show in Kansas City Missouri. She performed at Arrowhead Stadium which is where Travis spends most of his time during his football career. After the show, Travis let people know he wanted to give Taylor a friendship bracelet with his number on it. Following this statement, the two hit it off. They now wear bracelets that read “TNT” which stands for Travis and Taylor. How cute is that? Since the two started dating, they have been supporting each other in their passions. Now that football season is over, Travis has been traveling with Taylor to watch her perform.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, YouTube
Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, YouTube

Swifties Defend Travis

A person filmed Travis Kelce checking his phone. The caption of the video read “It’s giving supportive bf”. Swifties quickly rushed to his defense.

  • “very few people go without glancing at their phone for 4 hours at a time, leave him be”
  • “Cause she never picked up her phone at a Chiefs game, I think they are fine.”
  • “That’s literally the only time I’ve ever seen a phone in his hand”
  • “He may be on his phone for a second but he’s still dancing so yes he’s a supportive boyfriend”

It is unreasonable for people to get mad at Travis for looking at his phone once during a show he has seen countless of times. He is still across the world supporting her.

Travis Kelce / YouTube

It seems as though most people do not care that Travis was on his phone for a minute. Taylor’s shows are over three hours long and he is at several of them. He checked his phone for just a minute and that does not make him a bad guy. There are very few people who felt he was in the wrong because most people check their phones at least once in three hours. How did you feel about people coming at Kelce for such a small thing? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. How do you know it wasn’t from his brother needing some support after his retirement? Leave Travis alone he’s being there for Taylor otherwise he wouldn’t have flown across the country to be there for her.

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