Deanna Duggar Claims Amy King’s Son Died, Met God

Deanna Duggar, Amy King - Instagram

Amy Duggar King welcomed her son, Daxton “Dax” Ryan in October of 2019 and now his grandmother, Deanna Duggar claims he died but came back after meeting God. Deanna is the sister of Jim Bob Duggar from TLC’s 19 KIds and Counting and Counting On. Read on to find out the details.

Deanna Duggar Claims Amazing Experience For Dax

Dax went to be with Jesus, but don’t stress about it. Miraculously, the son of Amy Duggar and Dillon King came back to tell the tale. According to his grandmother, it happened when he was 10 months old. So, it would have been in about August of 2020. Apparently, he fell down and injured his head.

Daxton KIng Aged 10 months - Amy King Instagram
Daxton King Aged 10 months – Amy King Instagram

Deanna Duggar talked about the injury at 10 months, but the only head injury TLC fans saw on Instagram came in April, about three years later. Of course, that’s not to say the cute kid didn’t bump his head before that. The news that Daxton met God came during Adnan Maqsood’s live show on YouTube a week ago.

Daxton Related Dying, Meeting God

In the video, Dax’s grandmother related how the child died. Fortunately, he returned to life. A few years Later, he recalled everything perfectly. In the episode titled “In the Divine Presence: A Young Boy’s Extraordinary Journey to God’s Throne,” the story played out. Talking about how she was babysitting Dax who had “a cold,” Amy Duggar’s mom claimed she told Daxton that she missed her mom, Mary Duggar.

Deanna Duggar's Grandson Dax Aged two - Amy King Instagram
Deanna Duggar’s Grandson Dax Aged two – Amy King Instagram

Deanna Duggar then related how Daxton told her about falling down in Amy’s store. Remembering that incident, his grandmother said that at “two-and-a-half years old,” Daxton told her that he went to “visit Jesus’ house.” She added that Dax said:

I got to see the Throne Room. [And] I sat in Jesus’ lap. I [went to] see God.

Deanna Duggar said that she believes “he went to heaven.” Dax described it as “getting in a little capsule,” and he “saw space.” Additionally, she talked about a miraculous delivery of “chicken nuggets.” More followed, and you can listen to all of it in the video below.

Unfortunately, there were not tons of believers in the story about Amy Duggar KIng’s son, Dax.  The comments were awash with skeptics:

  • This is actually hilarious and terrifying that she thinks people will believe this.
  • What bunch of BS? Denna and her daughter are both crazy.
  • Dude really? She needs a psych consult.
  • Of all that God can do to help the world right now, he chose to send chicken nuggets to someone’s door…something tells me this story is off
  • It’s all BS, she’s just using her grandson to get attention

What are your thoughts about Deanna Duggar’s tale about Daxton, the son of Amy Duggar King? Do you recall any posts about a bad fall for Dax at the age of 10 months? Are you amazed that he recalled it vividly at the age of two? Let us know in the comments below if you believe in this sort of miracle or not. Then, remember to come back here for all your Duggar family news.

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