Did Jim Bob Duggar Call Sister Deanna Hypocrite?

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Did Jim Bob Duggar call his sister, Deanna, a hypocrite? Fans think it looks that way after seeing her recent social media post. So, what’s going on between the brother and sister these days?

Deanna Duggar puts her brother on blast.

As we reported, Deanna recently put Jim Bob on blast for sending her a birthday card and money. She claimed that he’s acted like everything is fine amid their ongoing drama and Josh’s recent scandal.

On social media, Deanna is posting about her famous family. She is sharing cryptic posts about Jim Bob, Josh, and the rest of the Duggars. In her posts, she makes it clear that she’s trying to share the truth.

Now, fans are analyzing her post and wondering if it was all in response to Jim Bob Duggar calling her a hypocrite. Keep reading to get all of the details.

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Did Jim Bob Duggar call his sister a hypocrite?

On Instagram on Saturday, July 23, Deanna shared a close-up selfie of herself, which you can see below. In the caption, she wrote in all caps, “I AM NOT A HYPOCRITE FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH!!!”

Deanna Duggar Instagram (Jim Bob Duggar)

On Reddit, fans and critics are talking about this post. And many think it’s about Jim Bob. One Reddit user is sure that “she’s referring to jim bob.”

The same fan notes, “There’s some comments where she is referring to JB so I guess she is saying kinda to him that she isn’t a hypocrite? I could be wrong.”

They believe that Jim Bob said or did something to set Deanna off, and that’s why she’s saying she isn’t a hypocrite.

In the comments section of Deanna’s post, she is spilling some vague details about the situation. Fans think these comments are all about Jim Bob Duggar, though she doesn’t specifically name him.

Deanna Duggar Instagram
Deanna Duggar Instagram

In one comment, Deanna says, “I took a very big stand against the lies, deceit! I really would like a apology from some family members!”

Ultimately, there is no way to know what was actually said and what is going on behind the scenes between Deanna and Jim Bob Duggar. But many fans are convinced he must have called her a hypocrite at some point. They think that’s what this whole post is about.

So, do you think Jim Bob Duggar called his sister, Deanna, a hypocrite? Or do you think there’s another explanation for this post? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar updates.

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