Officials Respond To A Mental Health Call At Kody Brown’s Home?

Kody Brown - YouTube, TLC

A neighbor of Robyn and Kody Brown shared details about authorities allegedly reporting to the Brown home on Thursday night. It is thought that the officials who rushed to the home are part of the Flagstaff, Arizona CARE Unit. The CARE Unit typically responds to mental health crises and grief calls. In the midst of the loss of Garrison Brown, it appears that a mental health call may have been made to Kody Brown’s home. Continue reading to see what details have been revealed so far.

Video Shows Alleged CARE Team Arriving At Kody Brown’s Residence

Reddit user shared a video of the three alleged CARE unit vehicles driving up to Robyn and Kody Brown’s home. They wrote over the clip that three law enforcement vehicles had just arrived at the residence.

In a separate Reddit post, another individual stated that officials arrived on the scene at approximately 7:30 p.m. Thursday night. The post stated that the cars rushed through the neighborhood and up to the Brown household. Upon arrival, the poster said it was clear that the authorities were part of the CARE unit. Note: there were no words on the side of the vehicles.

Kody Brown - YouTube, TLC

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As mentioned above, the alleged CARE team is called in when there is a mental health issue or a grief call is made. There are mental health professionals and Fire Department EMS that attend each of the calls as part of the CARE unit.

Given the recent news about Garrison Brown’s suicide, it is easy to understand why a CARE unit may have been called to Kody’s home. The entire family is dealing with a devastating loss and it is possible that they may need help with coping.

Fans Speculate About Who The Call Was Made For

Fans took to the comment section to discuss the arrival of the law enforcement officials at Kody Brown’s residence. Several people wondered who in the home needed the assistance. Many did not think that Kody would make the call for himself, but his children and wife are also struggling with the loss of a family member.

“Maybe Aurora is really struggling. I do feel for her. I hope the older kids are okay,” one fan wrote, while another suggested that it was likely Robyn looking for sympathy. “It’s Robyn. She’s always deflecting the attention back to her,” they wrote.

Another Reddit user wrote, “Are we surprised… say what you will about Kody he is human and just because ur estranged from someone does not mean you don’t love and care for their well being. What an indescribable pain for any parent to go through.”

A number of people pointed out that there isn’t any writing on any of the vehicles outside and there appears to be snow on the windows of some of the cars. This suggests they have been parked there for a while. So, it may not be the CARE response team at all. There could just be more family at home during this difficult time. Others said they appeared to be Kody and Robyn’s cars.

Some people expressed disgust at the fact that a neighbor would share a video like this. At the time of Garrison’s passing, the Brown family asked for privacy. It seems like their neighbor went out of their way to capture video of a crisis in their home.

Whatever the case may be, our thoughts are with Kody Brown and the entire Brown family during this time.

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