Jess Vestal Slams Jimmy Presnell Over Current Relationship

Love Is Blind: Jessica Vestal

Jessica Vestal is seen in the preview of the reunion episode slamming Jimm Presnell about their current relationship. Jimmy broke up with Jessica in the pods on Love Is Blind. He then ended up proposing to Chelsea. However, the two seemed to be on good terms. That took a bad turn when Jess called him out at the reunion. The whole season of the show has been a mess, and it seems as though only one couple makes it through.

Jimmy And Chelsea Breakup

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell ended up getting engaged in the pods on the show. Chelsea has been married before but that did not stop Jimmy from proposing. The two fought the fight and ended up not working out. Jimmy told her he could not go to the altar with her and decided to degrade her in the process.

“I love you to death and I want a relationship with you, and it want it work so bad—but I don’t want to go to the altar. I can’t. We’re condensing it down to one argument, but it’s been like five or six really big issues that really hit home and hurt my feelings.”

This argument stemmed from Chelsea revealing on camera that Jimmy slept with one of his friends who is a girl.

Jimmy Presnell and Jess Love Is Blind - YouTube, Us Weekly

Jess Vestal Slams Jimmy Presnell

In the trailer of the reunion episode of Love Is Blind, Jessica Vestal slams Jimmy Presnell about their current relationship.

“I thought we were on good terms, but I guess that we’re not.”

Jess was crying while she said this to Jimmy. The trailer does not show Jimmy’s response, but he did previously call Jess a “mean girl”. This is probably coming from what Jess saw when she watched the episodes at home and saw Jimmy’s true feelings. Also in the trailer fans see Clay saying AD is the love of his life and that he made a mistake saying no at the altar.

It seems as though the two are not on good terms anymore regardless of Jimmy and Chelsea breaking up. Fans would not have been surprised if Jimmy and Jess got together after Jimmy called off his wedding with Chelsea. This season has been messy, dramatic, and emotional. With only one couple saying yes at the altar, people are starting to wonder if this process will truly work anymore. What do you think about what Jess had to say about Jimmy? Sound off in the comments below.

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