Natalie Joy Reveals Why She Rejected $8K Gift From Nick Viall

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Nick Viall popped the question to his girlfriend Natalie Joy a year ago, but they have yet to marry. She recently rejected an $8k gift from him. Keep reading to find out more about her decision to turn down an extravagant gift from her reality TV star beau.

Natalie Joy Shows Off Post-Baby Body

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall’s wedding has been temporarily postponed. Instead, the couple welcomed their first child last month. Their daughter, River Rose, was born in the beginning of February but Natalie wasted no time in trying to get back to her pre-baby weight.

The model-slash-surgical technologist has been documenting her post-baby body journey on social media. Not surprisingly, the 25-year-old’s body bounced back pretty quickly. She previously revealed harrowing details of the baby’s birth. In fact, the pregnancy experience turned her off from having more kids.

In a recent photo she shared on Instagram, Natalie Joy showed off her stunning post-baby body in a tight white tank top and flared black pants.

A woman in a tight white tank top and black pants
Natalie Joy/Credit: Natalie Joy Instagram

Why She Rejected $8K Gift From Nick Viall

Some skeptical Bachelor Nation fans think the former model is not engaged to Nick Viall for the right reasons. The term “golddigger” has even been used. Is that why she rejected an $8k gift from her fiance?

Nick Viall has been known for his grand romantic gestures. Natalie dished on the latest incident during a recent episode of The Viall Files podcast. The former Bachelor star gave Natalie a $8,000 Louis Vuitton bag as a push present before their daughter’s birth.

According to Us Weekly, she returned the pricey bag for a less expensive gift. Nick said that his baby mama is a “frugal queen,” and that’s why she returned the bag.

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Nick Viall and River Rose/Credit: Nick Viall Instagram

However, it wasn’t as easy as they expected. He said that store associates were “pi**ed” by the return and tried to get the couple to exchange it for something equally expensive in the baby section. Nick and Natalie say they ended up leaving the store with an “expensive” cosmetics kit.

Natalie Joy admitted to podcast guest Heidi Montag that she wouldn’t have returned the gift if it had been expensive jewelry instead.

What do you think about push presents? Is it an outdated concept in 2024? Would you reject an $8k Louis Vuitton bag?

Do you think Natalie Joy’s decision to reject Nick Viall’s $8K gift is a testament to her character and commitment to an authentic, balanced relationship? Sound off in the comments.

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