‘My 600-LB Life’ Season 12 Makes Drastic Change, Surprises Fans

My 600-lb Life: Krystal S

My 600-lb Life Season 12 is officially on the air. The long-running TLC show just kicked off a brand new season with a drastic change, leaving viewers shocked. So, what did TLC do differently this time?

My 600-LB Life Has Been Slammed For Negativity

My 600-lb Life has had a long and successful run on TLC. Viewers love Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and his no-nonsense approach to treating his patients. However, viewers have gone after production for years for the way they choose to depict their participants.

No My 600-lb Life episode is complete without the trademark shower scene. This shows people at their absolute most vulnerable point. The show has been criticized for years for feeding off of that kind of negativity and exploiting vulnerable people in the process.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Dr. Now Gives His Patients The Hard Truth

The one thing to balance all of that negativity and keep people from going too far into the void is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. TLC fans look forward to his trademark “How y’all doing?” as much as they look forward to new episodes.

Dr. Now keeps it real with his patients, and he is never afraid to give them hard pills to swallow. He may slap them in the face metaphorically with a dose of reality, but his demeanor and his dedication to his craft bring an element of light and hope to an otherwise bleak premise.

Dr Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Dr Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

By the time My 600-lb Life patients get to Dr. Now’s office in Houston, they are quite literally knocking on death’s door. His program is often the only thing standing between these people and certain death. His work saves lives, and the potential for these people to turn their lives around and live healthier is what keeps watchers coming back.

The reality is that not everyone makes it on their My 600-lb Life journey, but, the possibility that they could succeed helps to balance out the otherwise negative tone.

My 600-LB Life: Season 12 Premiere Switches Things Up In A Big Way

Season 12 of My 600-lb Life just premiered on TLC. Right out of the gate, TLC switched things up in a big way. They kicked things off with Krystal S. and her weight loss journey. Instead of starting the season with a combative participant who fails Dr. Now’s rigorous program, they started things on the right foot, as Krystal was successful in her episode.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal S
My 600-lb Life: Krystal S/YouTube

Krystal began her TLC journey at 690 pounds. She struggled, as all patients do. However, she was able to pull through when it mattered, and she got approved for surgery. By the end of her My 600-lb Life episode, Krystal is down to 505 pounds, and she is able to walk with a cane.

My 600-lb Life fans are shocked that TLC decided to kick this new season off with a positive story. TLC in general is known for maximizing drama. It would be typical for them to begin the season with a lot of drama and negativity, but, they went a different route this time, and viewers are taking notice.

  • One My 600-lb Life viewer said: “Well that was a great episode. See you all next week. Let’s hope it is as positive as this one.”
  • Another added: “It was so nice to see a positive one for a change.”

Catch new episodes of My 600-lb Life Season 12 on Wednesday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

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