Kelsey Anderson Reacts To ‘Bachelor’ Fans Lusting Over Her Dad

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Move over, Gerry Turner! Fans have their sights set on a new Golden Bachelor crush after meeting Kelsey Anderson’s father. See her reaction to fans lusting over her dad.

Who Is Mark Anderson?

Bachelor viewers were introduced to Kelsey Anderson’s father during the recent hometown dates episode. During a previous date with Joey Graziadei, Kelsey revealed that her parents met when they were both serving as military police.

Sadly, her mom died of breast cancer in 2018, leaving Mark Anderson a single father. Joey and Kelsey traveled to New Orleans for her prospective husband to meet her father. Not only did her dad win over Joey, but he won over the internet with his charm, heart, and good looks.

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Joey Graziadei and Mark Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor Nation fans took to social media to beg the network to make Mark Anderson the next Golden Bachelor.

Kelsey Anderson Reacts To Bachelor Fans Lusting Over Her Dad

But fans went a little overboard in showing their love for Mark Anderson. Some viewers got a little hot under the collar, making jokes about how sexy Kelsey’s dad is. While the Bachelor frontrunner wanted to let her dad have his moment, she was a little grossed out.

She shared a TikTok video of her reaction to some of the things that were posted online about her father. “Please just no more Sexy Red edits of my dad ..use billy joel or something,” she joked in the caption.

She kicked the video off by sarcastically thanking fans for all the nightmares she’ll have, thanks to their posts about her dad. “Why are there thirst traps,” she asked, covering her hand with her mouth. “I don’t even have thirst traps,” Kelsey said in horror.

Joey Graziadei’s contestant did give a chef’s kiss to “tasteful” posts about her dad being a new favorite in the franchise. She joked that she needed to make her dad a business email for all the people trying to set him up.

Could He Be The Next Golden Bachelor?

Gerry Turner was 72 when he was on the senior dating show. One Bachelor Nation fan on Reddit pointed out one reason Mark Anderson might not be chosen for Golden Bachelor. “He’s too young for golden, he’d be more like silver bachelor,” they wrote.


Please just no more Sexy Red edits of my dad ..use billy joel or something 💀 thats all.. i’ll let mark have his moment

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Another suggested that Mark Anderson should apply as a contestant on Golden Bachelorette.

Do you think Mark Anderson would make the perfect Golden Bachelor, or is he too young? Share your thoughts on Kelsey’s reaction to the internet lusting over her dad.

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