Rachel Leviss Relieved By Graham And James Kennedy Scene

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Rachel Leviss was relieved to see the scene between Graham and James Kennedy. Graham was given to family members while Rachel was in a mental health facility. However, he was then given up and Lisa Vanderpump found him and gave him back to James. Leviss and Kennedy shared the dog while they were together and engaged. However, Rachel stopped letting James see him when they split. Now Graham is back with James and his girlfriend Ally.

Rachel Leviss Gives Up Graham

When Scandoval became public, Rachel Leviss decided to go to a mental health facility to get the help she needed. It was also made public by Rachel that Tom was mean to her for making him deal with the repercussions on his own. While Rachel was getting help, her dog Graham whom she once shared with James, went to stay with her family. While Graham was at her family’s, he began to become aggressive and had a biting problem. This resulted in Graham being put up for adoption. However, there were rumors that he was actually taken to a kill shelter and was hours away from being euthanized. This is when Lisa Vanderpump got Graham and gave him to James Kennedy.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

She Is Relieved To See The Reunion Scene

When Lisa Vanderpump gave James Kennedy Graham, Rachel was worried she would be ripped apart for the story that would have been told. However, she was surprised to see there was no bashing towards her by Lisa. This made her happy in a sense as she did not want more hate than she already was receiving.

“When Lisa gave the dog to James, she never said my name. She didn’t say that story that was put out in the press. Of me surrendering my dog to a kill shelter. And it was hours away of being euthanized, and I thought that was very interesting because I was like, ‘Oh. This isn’t what I thought it was going to be.’ And I’m pleasantly surprised. And I’m a little bit relieved. Because I don’t have to worry about more death threats and death wishes.”

James Kennedy-Instagram
James Kennedy-Instagram

It seems as though Rachel was pleasantly surprised to see she was not torn to shreds in the series. However, people were still unhappy that he was given away in the first place. Tom Sandoval also said the story told by James Kennedy was not all of the truth. It is unknown as to what truly happened with Graham when he was in Rachel’s care. However, he seems to be happy and healthy living with James and Ally with his new name Hippie. What did you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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