Gerry Turner Confronts Troll Questioning His Marriage

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are happily married. But some fans are questioning their relationship. See Gerry Turner confront a troll over it.

Theresa Nist & Gerry Turner Wedding Anniversary

Today – March 4 – marks two months since Theresa Nist walked down the aisle to marry Gerry Turner. The couple met on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

The two bonded over losing their respective spouses after four decades of marriage. Despite fans rooting for Leslie Fhima to get the final rose, Gerry chose to make Theresa Nist his wife instead. Leslie Fhima is rumored to be in the running for the upcoming Golden Bachelorette spinoff.

The Golden couple originally planned to move to South Carolina together. However, they’ve since altered the plan for Gerry to move from Indiana to Theresa’s hometown in New Jersey.

An older couple at their wedding
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

The couple are still working out the details and often spend time apart or on their own, fueling speculation. Is everything okay in their marriage?

Gerry Turner Confronts Troll Questioning His Marriage

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have only been married for two months, but some Bachelor Nation fans are already waiting for a breakup.

Any time Gerry Turner posts a photo on his Instagram that doesn’t include his wife, his followers go wild. “Where’s Theresa,” pops up endlessly in the comments.

Earlier this week, the reality star shared a photo with Jackie Kawamoto from a pickleball charity event. As usual, some of his followers wondered where Theresa was. For the most part, Gerry Turner ignored those inquiries. However, there was one comment he just couldn’t look past.

theresa is probably still working………… they arent moving, he dont want to spend any money………….,” the skeptic follower wrote. Gerry Turner clapped back at the troll, ““Doesn’t”. “he doesn’t want to spend any money” Grammer is so important when communicating, Karen.

But there was just one problem. Gerry spelled the word “grammar” incorrectly while correcting someone else’s grammar. And other followers were quick to let him know it. One replied, “Yooo if you’re going to give a smarta** reply, at least spell GrammAr correctly.”

Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram

Fans Think Something Is Going On

That wasn’t the only negative comment about Theresa’s whereabouts. Check out some of the other snarky things people wrote:

  • When you open yourself to the public eye by appearing on television it’s expected you will receive both good and bad comments. Then given his reputation in the past for numerous lady friends…
  • Why do people think Teresa has to be with him everywhere? I go places without my husband. You go, Gerry!! Live life, man.
  • I think they have a fake marriage. They don’t live together and rarely see each other.
  • Hmmm no Teresa she got smart and dumped you

What do you think about Gerry Turner’s habit of confronting trolls on his Instagram comments? Should he just ignore the haters? Sound off in the comments.

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