Daisy Kent’s Intentions Criticized By Bachelor Fans

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Daisy Kent is facing some criticism from Bachelor fans. Some are thinking that perhaps her intentions are not what they seem. What does that mean? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent’s Intentions On The Bachelor Being Criticized

Some Bachelor fans on Reddit are talking about Daisy Kent. Many are saying that her intentions toward Joey Graziadei are not genuine. Some feel Daisy is there for the wrong reasons.

The original poster that started the conversation said that it may be an unpopular opinion but she doesn’t feel that Daisy is there for Joey. Last Monday, fans saw Daisy tell Joey that she is not in love with him. She likes him and that’s about it. He still gave her a rose and is heading to meet her family in Minnesota on Monday night’s episode.

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The fan on Reddit said, “I think she’s doing exactly what Cassie did to Colton. Daisy is being realistic and saying she’s not there yet with Joey and doesn’t want to lead him on because I think she’s going to dip out before the end of the show. She’s pretty active on social media and makes a ton of reels and I just get this vibe. I also feel this way about Maria. I think that’s why she’s also like hinting on leaving. She’s not in love with Joey. She was also involved in acting as a child and you can tell she’s a performer. She doesn’t want to get married to Joey, she wants fame and an influencer life.”

Fans had plenty to say about the thoughts.

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Did Other Fans Agree?

Many other fans agreed on Reddit about Daisy Kent just wanting to further her career. Someone commented about her having her book ready to promote while the season airs.

Others feel that she is just trying to get The Bachelorette role. Either way, they feel she is not there to be with Joey.

Daisy isn’t the only one fans are questioning. In the same post, many are saying the same things about Maria Georgas. Is Maria there for the right reasons or does she just want attention? Most agree that the contestants are usually there for fame.

Fans have varying opinions. But overall, in this thread, most feel Daisy just isn’t into Joey.

What will happen tonight on The Bachelor? Who will Joey Graziadei send home? Don’t miss hometowns Monday night on ABC.

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