‘Bachelor’ Producers Accused Of Editing Daisy Kent’s Words

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Did Daisy Kent really say she was falling in love with Joey Graziadei, or did the Bachelor producers use editing tricks to make it seem that way? Keep reading for all the details on the shocking allegations.

Daisy Kent Keeps Her Emotions In Check

Daisy Kent has been the front-runner to win Joey Graziadei’s heart on Season 28 of The Bachelor from the first episode. Many viewers, including Trista Sutter, immediately felt a connection to the 25-year-old Minnesota native.

Daisy was lucky enough to go on the season’s first one-on-one date. She used the opportunity to share her health struggles, including a battle with Lyme disease and deafness that eventually led to the implantation of a cochlear implant.

She is the second Bachelor contestant to use the assistive hearing device. Abigail Heringer from Season 25 was the first.

Daisy is still in the competition, just a few weeks short of the season finale. However, she has kept her feelings close to her vest. Viewers praised Daisy for saying, “I’m not going to tell him I’m in love with him just to get a rose.”

The final six ladies traveled with Joey to Jasper, Canada, during one recent episode. Despite getting the coveted second one-on-one date, Daisy still refused to profess her love for Joey. but said, “I think it’s happening.”

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Or did she? One Bachelor alum speculated that the editing team may have gotten a little fast and loose with when Daisy uttered those words and what she meant.

Bachelor Producers Accused Of Editing Daisy Kent’s Words

At one time, Courtney Robertson was the most hated contestant in Bachelor Nation. She earned her villain title during Season 16 of The Bachelor. Viewers at home watched her drama with the housemates, but Ben Flajnik only saw her at her best. He proposed during the season finale, but they broke up less than a year later.

She’s now happily married with two kids but still keeps up with the franchise. She joined the Us Weekly podcast Here for the Right Reasons to share her thoughts on Joey’s season.

While she thinks Joey and Daisy are “so cute together,” she found the latest episode confusing. Joey and Daisy went ice skating as part of their date. At one point, Daisy said she was “falling,” but did she mean falling for Joey or falling on the ice?

Courtney Robertson thinks it was the ice, but the show edited it to make it seem like Daisy was talking about Joey.

“If you watch it back, you can see that they’ve clipped two things together. It’s not fluid. She’s like, ‘I’m falling.’ She was probably like, ‘I’m falling all over the place,’” Courtney explained.

What she’s describing sounds like ‘Frankenbiting.’ BIP alum Mari Pepin recently discussed how the editors use sound bites to create drama.

Do you agree with Courtney Robertson that the Bachelor producers edited Daisy Kent’s words to mean something else? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. If he and Kelsey A do not make it through ans she or he still have feelings I hope they connect again. I really did see how they were with each other, and it looked so very real.

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