Scott Wern’s Shocking Announcement Has Fans Wanting ‘Death’

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Former 90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern just dropped a shocking announcement and it has series fans wanting “death.” This may sound a bit dramatic but Scott is very over the top in what he says and does. So, what is the Love in Paradise alum up to now? Read on for more details.

Scott Wern’s Shocking Announcement Has Fans Wanting ‘Death’

After his time on Love in Paradise and then The Family Chantel, Scott Wern was not a happy camper. He was mad at TLC and how he was portrayed. More so, there were a lot of issues in his personal life, having lost jobs and such. It had come to a point where he did not know where he was going to stay and fellow 90 Day Fiance star Amanda Wilhelm reached out to him. She did offer him a space and he, of course, turned it into a romantic taking. Now, he has taken his life one step further and is starting a new venture.

Scott Wern/90 Day Fiance/Instagram
Scott Wern-Instagram

Scott has revealed he will be starting an OnlyFans account. He shared this news via his Instagram account. In the caption, he wrote: “Coming soon 🥰💪🔥🕺🏋️🎣.”

Scott Wern-Instagram
Scott Wern-Instagram

This revelation did not sit well with his followers by any means but it soon made its way to Reddit. Someone had commented this:

  • I have cystic fibrosis and I’d rather die then deal with you

Keep in mind that Scott’s actual profession is a respiratory therapist so this is a telling comment. However, there was more from where that came from.

  • Can I pay extra for him NOT to show anything?
  • What will be his excuse when he has no one sign up to view?

It seems that Scott Wern feels fairly confident in his ability to make bank as another Reddit thread shared this image:

So, we’re gonna have surprises from him too? 🔌
byu/erinc2005 in90DayFiance

So, it was requests from followers that seemingly prompted him to jump on this bandwagon so he could make some extra cash. No word on how much he will be charging just yet.

Highly Doubtful

Of course, many Redditors doubted that Scott Wern was told to start an OnlyFans and he did it solely on his own accord.

  • I seriously doubt ANYONE, gay or straight, told him he needs to start an OF.
  • Literally no one asked for this.
  • Whoever is requesting this…WHY DO YOU HATE US??!!

It was also suggested that followers stop posting about him on Reddit because he thrives off of any and all attention. As for when this new venture will begin, that is yet to be seen but Scott will surely keep everyone in the know.

Are you shocked that he has resorted to this or was this just Scott Wern’s next step? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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