‘American Idol’ Kennedy Reid Facing ‘A Lot Of Hate’ Since Audition

Kennedy Reid on American Idol / YouTube

American Idol is back, and this means fans are already picking out their favorites. However, this means more than just cheering on their favorites. It also often means that people start to bully and shame those contestants that they don’t want to win. That just happened with Kennedy Reid after her audition.

Here is a look at Kennedy Reid’s audition and what people are saying about her on social media.

Kennedy Reid’s American Idol Audition

Seeing the American Idol audition of Kennedy Reid was very different. She admitted that her fake fingernails were “coffin” and then said she was also a working mortician. She went into small detail in her video about her job as a mortician before moving on to her musical dreams.

Kennedy Reid on American Idol / YouTube

Kennedy, 23, then sang “River Deep – Mountain High” by Tina Turner. She spoke to the judges about the audition and admitted that it was a friend of a friend who sent in her demo tape. She was shocked to get the chance. The judges were impressed and she made it. Kennedy got the chance to move on to Hollywood for the next round.

“I’m just a down-to-earth person that loves music and I want to share my gift with the world,” Kennedy told a local ABC affiliate.

Kennedy Reid Talks Hate Received After American Idol Audition

Kennedy Reid should have been on top of the world after her American Idol audition. However, things took a dark turn when strangers jumped on social media and began a bullying campaign against her.

What is terrible is that the hateful comments were based on her physical appearance. The people online who lashed out at her started out bashing her for looking older than 23. Then, things got even nastier on social media.

  • “23? Somebody lied on their application. And didn’t think she was that great. Reminded me of a community theater performer.”
  • “1) She is definitely not 23! 2) cackling cat lady is her mama 3) The “Boss” is her dad! 4) she must have alopecia, because that wig and no eyebrows.”
  • “She’s got that Tammy Faye Baker vibe going on.”

For her part, Reid responded to these cruel comments from so-called American Idol fans. She mostly shrugged them off before responding with comments like “Thanks” and “I’ll be praying for you.”

However, things seem to have gotten worse and her mother, Jennifer Taylor, posted a TikTok video to prove her daughter’s age. She showed pics of her six children, including those of Kennedy. She said she was doing it because of people making “bullyish” comments on the Internet. Her mother is 43.

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What are your thoughts on people bullying Kennedy Reid after her American Idol performance? Why do you think people act so cruel toward strangers online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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