‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Cup-A-Bug Insect Catcher

Justin Huang with Cup-A-Bug on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is back with a new episode tonight. The sharks will have several items to consider, from dog food to bionic hands. However, one of the more interesting is called the Cup-A-Bug and is an actual insect catcher. It will be up to the sharks to decide if this is a venture worth investing money in after hearing the pitch.

Here is what you need to know about the Cup-A-Bug insect catcher and where you can buy one for yourself.

What Is Cup-A-Bug On Shark Tank?

Inventor Justin Huang created the Cup-A-Bug insect catcher and brings it to Shark Tank tonight. The idea behind this product is to create a humane way to catch insects in the home and release them back into nature without killing them. The entire device is a cup attached to a pole with a pivot mechanism. This allows people to catch insects no matter where they crawl away and hide.

Cup-A-Bug on Shark Tank

The idea is similar to the old-school way of using a piece of paper and catching a bug under a cup on it. There is also a brush attached to the end of the cub to lure the insects from out of corners or off ceilings. Once caught in the cup, a person can then release the insects back into the outdoors unharmed. Not only is this more humane for bugs, but it is also safer for families.

This keeps children and pets safe from chemicals, keeps things cleaner from not squashing bugs, and also eliminates concerns over toxins and electricity. Huang didn’t necessarily create the device out of a love for bugs. He had a lifelong fear of insects and wanted to confront his fears ethically. This device allows him to catch and release bugs from a safe distance.

Huang launched the Kickstarter campaign in 2021 and raised over $28,000 to start production.

Where To Buy Cup-A-Bug From Shark Tank

Anyone who wants to buy the Cup-A-Bug insect catcher fromĀ Shark Tank can learn more at the official website at cupabug.com. Once on the site, it boasts that the pole is over three feet long, so people can catch insects without ever needing to get near them.

As for the cost, the Cup-A-Bug runs for $49.99 but is on sale right now for $39.99 plus free shipping. There is also a chance to get it via PayPal with four interest-free payments. There are currently six reviews on the site, all for five stars. There is nothing else for sale on the site, as it is all about the device itself.

Shark Tank fans can also buy it on Amazon for $44.99. However, it is not available through Prime shipping.

What are your thoughts on the humane Cup-A-Bug fromĀ Shark Tank tonight? Is this something the sharks should be investing in? Will you get one for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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