Jackson Roloff Requests Not To Have Secret 2nd Surgery Filmed

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Little People, Big World fans adore Jackson Roloff, but their hearts break for him because it seems that his surgery to straighten his bowed legs didn’t work. Well, it now turns out that he went for another surgical procedure, but the family kept it secret. The little boy refused to film it for the TLC show. Ultimately, it made Zach and Tori Roloff have to rethink LPBW.

Jackson Roloff Had A Miserable Christmas  After Leg Surgery

When fans saw the cutest kid on LPBW recovering from his surgery, he was just over four years old. As he tried hard to put one step after another with his walker, fans cried for him. You might recall that Zach and Tori went for a procedure that takes a long time to show improvement, but it’s less invasive than other surgeries.

Jackson Roloff Afrer Leg Surgery - LPBW - TLC
Jackson Roloff After Leg Surgery – LPBW – TLC

TLC fans kept an eye on Jackson Roloff over the years, and often, they wince on his behalf. That’s because his ankles look turned over, and it might be painful. Tori claims it’s not hurting him. But, it did. And that emerged when she and Zach Roloff spoke about it on Thursday on their podcast, Raising Heights. In the same episode, they revealed their decision to stop filming for Little People, Big World.

Little People, Big World – Little Kid Didn’t Want To  Film

During the podcast, Tori and Zach talked about quitting TLC. There were many reasons for it, but one of them centered around Jackson and surgery that they kept secret from LPBW fans. Apparently, a screw in his leg broke two years after the first surgery, so he needed surgical repairs. On their new podcast they talked about  Jackson asking them not film it.

Raising Heights Podcast - YouTube
Raising Heights Podcast – YouTube

On the podcast Tori as saying that the first time around, Jackson Roloff didn’t have any choice about filming.

He had leg surgery, and he shared it on national television because of us…he didn’t consent to it, we decided to share it, and fast-forward two years, and he broke a screw, and he had to go in and have a second surgery. And the world doesn’t know that because we didn’t share it because he asked us specifically, ‘Can we not film it?’ He did not want the filmers, he called them the filmers, to come to the hospital or to be there when he got home…

What are your thoughts about Tori and Zach Roloff respecting Jackson Roloff’s wishes to not film his second surgery? Are you glad that they thought about their kids and decided not to film for TLC anymore?  Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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  1. These garbage parents need to stop exploiting their children. It should be considered CHILD ABUSE to film your children
    and post content about them when they can’t LEGALLY AGREE. Despicable garbage parents.

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