‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Where Are The Winders?

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Where are the Seeking Sister Wife fan favorites, the Winder family after not being asked back to the series for Season 4? Colton, Sophie, and Tami Winder first appeared in Season 2 of the hit TLC reality series. They remained for another season but then were cut, much to viewers’ dismay. So, what ultimately became of them? Read on for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife: Where Are The Winders?

When the Winders joined Seeking Sister Wife in Season 2, they weren’t well received. Colton Winder lacked personality and their dynamic was off. His first and legal wife, Tami lived with him and their daughter, Sadie while their sister wife, Sophie lived on her own. They did not appear to be looking for a third wife. Rather, they wanted to share their story and become comfortable with living openly as a plural family. By Season 3, things completely changed. They all were living under one roof, Sophie was pregnant, and she and Tami were actively trying to get along. The Winders were also courting a woman named Kimberley.

Unfortunately, the pandemic had hit so it took work to get her to visit them and when she did, Tami and Sophie loved her. However, Colton did not click and in the end, they decided to focus on what they already had. Tami wanted more babies but struggled with fertility. Sadly, they were not asked back for Season 4 and fans were not happy about this. It was mainly because they were natural and real but TLC was going in a different direction. This was fine as Sophie went on to have another baby and she and Tami started a podcast.

Sophie Winder, Tami Winder-Instagram
Sophie Winder, Tami Winder-Instagram

Additionally, with some help from science, Tami was able to get pregnant with a baby girl. Around the same time, Sophie also got pregnant again but suffered a miscarriage. After Tami welcomed her second daughter, Sophie found out she was pregnant again and is now weeks away from her third baby coming. The family has their home up for sale which makes sense as they have expanded tremendously. So, what else are they doing?

Keeping Up With The Winders

No, they will not be on Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. However, they do have a YouTube channel but they have not updated in about five months. They are also active on their Instagram where they show followers their beautiful family. Followers have been nothing but supportive which is so amazing as they have watched Tami struggle to have a second baby. So, to see her have achieved her dream and the family flourish is beautiful. It is unclear what is next for them after Sophie’s daughter is born but hopefully, they will keep fans posted.

Would you like to see them back on television or in a more public sphere? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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