‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Sophie Winder’s Last Bump Before Birth

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Seeking Sister Wife alum Sophie Winder is sharing her last bump before giving birth to her third baby. The second wife of Colton Winder and his first wife, Tami Winder is expecting her rainbow baby in just weeks. She opted to celebrate this big moment with a beautiful photo shoot. Read on for more details and to see the snaps.

Seeking Sister Wife Sophie Winder’s Last Bump Before Birth

Sophie Winder seemed like an alienated second wife when she and her family joined Seeking Sister Wife. Her husband, Colton, and his first and only legal wife, Tami lived in their own home. They had a daughter, Sadie, and seemed quite content. As for Sophie, she lived alone and was trying to figure out where she belonged. Their goal for their first season was to go public as polygamists which was not an easy feat. By their second season, Sophie was pregnant with her first baby and they were all co-habitating.

Sophie Winder, Colton Winder, Tami Winder-Facebook
Sophie Winder, Colton Winder, Tami Winder-Facebook

They did try to look for another wife but the one that the ladies bonded with didn’t click with Colton. Therefore, it was a pass and they opted to focus on further growing the family. Tami struggled with fertility and in the process, Sophie gave birth to a baby girl. Luckily, Tami soon ended up pregnant with a baby girl but within days, Sophie announced she had miscarried. A short time after Tami’s second daughter arrived Earthside, it was revealed that Sophie was having another baby. She has been sharing her bump and now, just weeks away from delivery, she is sharing what could be the last bump photo.


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Standing outside of a barn in a long, beautiful, deep purple dress, Sophie Winder is standing with an ethereal vibe. She is looking down as she is holding her baby bump at thirty-eight weeks. Sophie has changed locales in the second photo and her husband is eventually kneeling as he kisses her bump. Her sister wife even comes in to cozy up, showing their deep connection.

The Love Is Real

Sophie Winder as well as her husband and sister wife clearly know how lucky they are. It is a far cry from their first season of Seeking Sister Wife where they appeared disconnected. Now, they have a strong bond where they are very proud of what they have built and it is evident. Followers soon commented on this:

  • Y’all are an inspiration, and this is coming from someone that was pretty staunchly against polygamist culture
  • Beautiful pictures of you all. Congratulations to you all, I bet you are all So Excited!! ❤️

Fans also could not believe how big the children were as there was one big family photo that was so sweet. They are living their best lives and it is just a matter of time before their newest arrival will be here.

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