Clayton Echard Paternity Suit Update & Court Next Week

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Bachelor alum Clayton Echard has been fighting a paternity lawsuit for months. He denies impregnating a woman with twins after a one-night stand. What’s the latest on the court drama? What is his next step? Keep reading for all the new details.

Clayton Echard Auditioning For Dancing With The Stars?

Clayton Echard has been under an insane amount of stress since news broke in September about his legal troubles. A woman he hooked up with earlier in the summer filed a lawsuit claiming Clayton fathered her unborn twins. The two have been battling it out in court for months.

During his time on The Bachelor, Clayton Echard was lightly trolled by fans for his unimpressive dance moves. He has been taking dance lessons for about a year and often shows off his progress on social media.

After his stint in reality TV, the former football player became a realtor in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area. His latest selling tactic is to dance around the properties and post the dance videos online.

One of his Instagram followers left a comment on a recent dance video about the possibility of Clayton Echard joining a popular dance competition show. “Get him on Dancing with the Stars,” they wrote.

The former Bachelor light-heartedly responded to the suggestion. “Maybe a few more mentions and they’ll finally see me.”

Credit: Clayton Echard Instagram

A new Dancing With The Stars season is expected to air this fall and it usually includes someone from Bachelor Nation, so maybe Clayton Echard will get his shot at the Mirrorball trophy.

Paternity Suit Update & Court Next Week

Clayton initially refused a paternity test, which is why the woman filed the lawsuit. However, once it went to the courts, Clayton Echard was more than happy to take a paternity test. According to Clayton, the paternity test results showed he wasn’t the father.

However, the woman in question claimed the results were inconclusive, and the lawsuit continued. In a bombshell twist worthy of a soap opera, the woman filed to dismiss the lawsuit in December, revealing that she was no longer pregnant.

The dismissal was recently granted, but the case isn’t over just yet. According to the Arizona Republic, the court case will continue next week. Why?

While the paternity suit was dismissed, there wasn’t an official verdict over paternity. The outlet reports that Clayton Echard’s lawyers have requested “a ruling that Echard was not the father.”

Furthermore, they’re asking the judge to impose sanctions against the woman for filing the lawsuit, as well as a ruling that she has to pay Clayton’s lawyer fees.


If you happen to walk in on me dancing in an open house for work, I expect you to dance with me. #chacha

♬ Cha Cha – ZEDDY WILL

What’s His Next Step?

The next court date is set for February 27. However, it’s an evidentiary hearing, which means the legal drama could be drawn out even longer.

Clayton Echard previously spoke about the possibility of suing the woman for defamation if the court finds in his favor.

What do you think about the paternity suit getting dismissed? Should the woman face sanctions and pay for his legal fees? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Your article didn’t mention how they never had sex, so she couldn’t have been pregnant. It also doesn’t mention the lawsuits against other men with the same claims. This woman is a criminal.

  2. There is no actual true proof that she was pregnant; also, they didn’t engage in intercourse. He did take 3 paternity tests, and when she had to submit samples on HER end – no fetal DNA was found.
    It’s a wild and twisted real life crime drama because LO has thrived on accusing I think 4 other men of this… she displays the likeness of a vexacious litigant, and she needs to be held accountable.

  3. You misstate the reason for her bringing the lawsuit. There’s no scientific evidence of pregnancy, so there is no paternity. She started the lawsuit against Clayton in order to coerce him into dating her; she even wrote up a dating contract that she wanted him to sign in exchange for dismissing the lawsuit. She’s also brought similar lawsuits with similar fake pregnancies against a few other men. All of this is of public record.

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