Jason Tartick Subtly Reacts To Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe Feud

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Bachelor Nation exes Nick Viall and Kaitlyn Bristowe are seemingly feuding over a comment Nick Viall made about her sexuality. Now her other ex, Jason Tartick, waded into the feud with a subtle response. Keep reading for all the details and find out which side of the feud Jason Tartick lands.

Jason Tartick Reveals Upcoming TV Cameo With Nick Viall

Bachelor alum Nick Viall is having a great year so far. He welcomed his first child, a daughter, with his fiance, Natalie Joy, at the beginning of February. He took to social media earlier this week to share more exciting news.

He’s making his return to reality TV to appear alongside Bravo star Patti Stanger in a new matchmaking reality show for the CW. Jason Tartick revealed on social media that he would be making a cameo in one episode to offer his financial expertise.

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Jason Tartick Subtly Reacts To Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe Feud

On a recent episode of her Off the Vine podcast, Kaitlyn Bristowe discussed feeling ‘asexual’ toward the end of a relationship. Many people thought she was referring to her relationship with Jason Tartick, which ended in August 2023 after four years.

Nick Viall allegedly made a dig against Kaitlyn on one of Jason’s posts, writing that there’s “nothing asexual” about Jason Tartick. Kaitlyn Bristowe then took to her own Instagram with a clapback many thought was aimed at Nick Viall.

Now it seems that Jason Tartick subtly responded with a post reminding everyone not to speak badly about others. “If you catch yourself speaking poorly of someone else today, take a quick beat,” he advised.

He went on to speculate that talking poorly about someone else is a projection of how one feels about oneself.

Credit: Jason Tartick Instagram

He wasn’t quite so subtle over Super Bowl weekend when Page Six asked him directly what he thought of Nick Viall’s comment trolling their mutual ex.

Jason laughingly shrugged the comment off, saying, “I’ll leave that up for interpretation.”

Bachelor Nation Fans React

Jason Tartick’s post seemingly chiding his ex for talking poorly about Nick Viall was on his Instagram Story, meaning no one could reply. However, Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Check out some of the best:

  • This is ironic seeing he didn’t call out Nick in the comment for mocking Kaitlyn when she said she felt Asexual. And when he was asked about he thought about nicks comment he laughed it off saying he was his friend.
  • He should take a leaf out of Joe’s book and just go silent after he and Taylor broke up. He came off looking classy.
  • he doesnt realize who he’s dealing with. Kaitlyn is incapable of being rationale and logical.
  • “Take a quick beat” OMG why does he talk like a corporate training video
  • Isn’t he doing exactly what he writes in the post NOT to do? Oh, the irony!
  • Just passive aggressively firing shots at each other on the regular now.
  • free these poor two dogs both of their owners are so embarrassing. I cannot imagine the things these dogs have to hear on a day by day basis
  • my projection: this breakup saga will be messier and more exhausting than their actual relationship!

What do you think of Jason Tartick responding to Nick Viall and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s feud? Does it surprise you that he seemed to take Nick’s side? Sound off in the comments.

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