Josh Duggar At Risk Of Getting Stabbed Behind Bars?

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Fans believe Josh Duggar better “watch his back” behind bars as they suspect he’s at risk of being stabbed. Has something happened to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s son recently that made fans issue this warning? Why are fans worried about Josh? Keep reading for the details.

High-profile inmates aren’t always safe?

According to a thread on Reddit, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is under a pretty heavy fire for not keeping inmates safe behind bars. The OP of the Reddit thread explained:

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is under fire for another breach of security leading to the stabbing of Derek Chauvin, the guy who killed George Floyd. Just months ago, Larry Nassar was stabbed for the second time. 89-year-old Whitey Bulger was killed by another inmate. Jeffrey Epstein was able to off himself due to extreme negligence of prison staff.

The OP continued: “All these men were under protective custody because they were high profile yet they were still attacked. BOP has a serious shortage of qualified staff. And federal prisons are considered safer than state prisons!”

Josh Duggar Youtube
Josh Duggar Youtube

Now, the OP of the Reddit thread proceeded to clarify they don’t exactly feel bad for the “scum of the earth” getting hurt behind bars. Furthermore, the OP doesn’t exactly know that they would care if Josh Duggar was added to the list.

Fans urge Josh Duggar to be careful.

The OP, however, did agree that the Federal Bureau of Prisons should do a better job protecting inmates. Furthermore, the OP jested that Josh Duggar better tread lightly behind bars and not make the mistake of looking at someone sideways. 

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Other fans chimed in:

  • “He will eventually annoy someone enough to at least get beat up.”
  • “Pest is cocky and not very bright. He’s never been held accountable for ANYTHING. He may well get his a** beat for his attitude.”

Many Duggar fans seemed to agree it might do Josh Duggar some good to get “beat up” by another inmate because of his attitude. Sadly, fans believe Michelle and Jim Bob never held Josh accountable for anything during his entire life. So, he now lives with a massive chip on his shoulder. Furthermore, most fans agree they just don’t like Josh Duggar and wouldn’t shed a tear if he was injured behind bars.

Furthermore, some fans argued that Derek Chauvin deserved what he got. Likewise, fans admit they were surprised it took as long as it did for him to get attacked behind bars.

Check out the Reddit thread discussing Josh being in danger behind bars below:

Pest needs to watch his back!
byu/IndependencePlus5557 inDuggarsSnark

So, do you think Josh Duggar is at risk of getting stabbed (or otherwise injured) by another inmate behind bars? Are you among the fans who are shrugging it off on not caring if it does happen? Share your answers to these questions in the comments below. Furthermore, keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Duggar news.

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