Kaity Biggar Goes Back to Work, New Nursing Contract

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Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross hit it off in The Bachelor, and she accepted his final rose. ABC fans wondered if it would work out for the Canadian. And for a while, rumors came that they split. As usual, it arose after she was seen not wearing her ring. However, they seem to be okay although they don’t always live together in Texas.

Kaity Biggar & Zach Shallcross Both Work

Bachelor fans respect the couple because they decided to continue with their day jobs. Often, the TV stars move to California and become podcasters and influencers. For Zach’s fiance, it’s important that she works because she loves nursing. Back in May, she first told her fans that she was going to work in a hospital. But as she’s a travel nurse, she doesn’t work all the time.

Bachelor Kaity Biggar Goes Back to Work, New Nursing Contract - TikTok
Bachelor Kaity Biggar Goes Back to Work, New Nursing Contract – TikTok

Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross went on the Almost Famous podcast and told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconneti that they planned on moving in together. Both of them love living in Austin, Texas. They also talked about kids in the future, and about planning to wed in 2025. So far, things look like they stay on track and they are likely to be another notch of success for Bachelor Nation.

Kaity Biggar Gives Back to Work Update

This week, Zach’s girl took to her TikTok. Bachelor Nation reported that she “discussed her new assignment and answered nursing questions.” She said:

Guys, I’m going back to the hospital for another contract and we’re going to talk all things nursing. Also, I got a new box of scrubs! As a Canadian, I work on a TN visa that allows me to work here in the United States. I drove all the way from Toronto, Ontario to San Antonio, Texas with my brother. It was a 28 hour drive. Yes, American nurses get paid way more than Canadian nurses.


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Kaity Biggar likes her job, but there are some insecurities. After all, the Bachelor star noted, “Travel nurses will usually sign on for a 13-week contract, you can get extended or you could not get extended.” Of course, that also means moving a lot, so she uses a company that provides furnished apartments.

Bachelor Fans Comment

In the comments section, the Bachelor star didn’t have to explain why she and Zach Shallcross are not always together in Texas. But she noted another follower’s comment was correct when they said:

I think she is saying when she first moved to America + now she is a travel nurse so not always in Austin atm

Other commenters also spoke up.

  • What agency do you use? This girl is wanting to travel nurse after I graduate and get some experience
  • Prettiest nurse 👩‍⚕️ever! It’s easy to see why your a nurse because your sooo sweet! 💕😀🙌
  • Kailey Chase990

    My mom grew up in Toronto, was a nurse and moved to Austin, TX for a nursing job as well. Interesting how not much has changed in Canada for 30 years.

  • We love a hard working girl even after being on reality tv 🥰🥰🥰.

What are your thoughts about Kaity Biggar still, working as a travel nurse? Do you like to see that she keeps up with her career? What about her job sometimes taking her away from Zach Shallcross? Bear in mind, that she’s still on a work visa. So, she can’t always be in Texas. Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor news.

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