‘Bachelor’ Kaity Biggar Shocks Fans With Latest Move

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The Bachelor final rose winner Kaity Biggar just shocked fans with her latest move. She and Zach Shallcross got engaged on the season finale of his season and have been going strong since. They have been quite different from most couples to exit the franchise in the past. Zach and Kaity have shared a lot with fans and also have managed to stay humble and continue to live life like a normal couple. With that said, Kaity just made an announcement that isn’t quite Bachelor alum style especially so soon after the finale. What did she announce? Keep reading to find out.

Kaity Biggar just made big announcement

Kaity Biggar just made a big announcement and many are shocked by the news. It hasn’t been too long since the finale aired but Kaity shared that she is already heading back to work. Bachelor Nation shared the scoop about what Kaity said about future career plans.

Zach and Kaity are very down to earth and have remained humble even after gaining thousands upon thousands of Instagram followers following the show. While they have gained thousands of fans, the couple is staying true to themselves and their work ethics. Both Zach and Kaity have now returned to the full-time jobs they had before their Bachelor days.

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They both shared they had plans to go back to work and not follow many Bachelor alums to California. Kaity previously said, “I’m going back to my nursing contract at the end of the month, and I’m looking forward to that. I love the hospital I work at and the people are incredible. Like Zach said, we’re not really trying to be in the limelight; we’re just honestly trying to be normal.”

Zach noted that they love life in Austin and do not want things to change.

Kaity announced she’s heading back to work twelve-hour shifts as an RN. She shared herself working on TikTok.


When all you want to do is enjoy a nice warm, sunny day, and not have to work! ☀️ 🥵 #nursing #travel #travelnursinglife #fyp #thebachelor #foryoupage #work #nursinghumor

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She captioned the TikTok “When all you want to do is enjoy a warm, sunny, nice day and not have to work! #nursing #travelnurselife.”

Fans reacted to the news

Fans were so happy Kaity returned to nursing life. Many thanked her for continuing to help others while others commented she is one of them. One fan said, “So nice seeing people go back from the show and go back to their jobs not just going on the show to become influencers. And an ER nurse 😍”

Other fans had similar comments.

Fans love that Zach and Kaity are normal. Plus these two are still so happy and in love.

What do you think about Kaity going back to work as a nurse again? Stay tuned for more updates on Zach and Kaity!



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