Fans Go Nuts As Kody Brown Reveals He Never Loved Meri

Kody Brown and Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Is it true that Sister Wives star Kody Brown never actually loved his first wife Meri?

Apparently, that’s the narrative the family patriarch is peddling these days. And Sister Wives fans are railing against his audacious claims.

As Season 18 concludes and heads into the tell-all, viewers have no shortage of opinions and are vocalizing them online. What exactly are viewers saying as Kody Brown verbally attacks his ex-wives?

SW fans slam Kody Brown for verbally abusing Meri

When Sister Wives began, Kody and Meri Brown seemed to have a positive relationship. But things broke down over the years. After 18 seasons, Kody is now claiming that he never loved his first wife at all.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

Of course, most SW viewers aren’t buying his words. Most believe that Kody is being verbally abusive because he’s angry that three women left him.

“Kody sitting there saying ‘I’m willing to fake being in love with Meri’ like it’s some favor to her angered me so much. Who does he think he is? I can’t believe that Meri even fought so hard for his nasty a**. I would’ve left him a long time ago,” a Reddit poster shared online. They went on to suggest that Robyn’s tears always make the problem worse on top of Kody’s anger.

“And in the sneak peek of next week he pulls out the boring, all too used line ‘I never really loved her, I talked myself into it’ but this time it’s about Meri…” another Redditor replied. “This dude needs new material. His abusive lines are way too predictable.”

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

Agreed… If you believe everything he says, he never loved any of his wives except for Robyn. They either told him they should be in his family or he was trying to convince himself he really loved them,” someone else offered their opinion.

Meri contributed to the family for a very long time

Lately, Reddit has been buzzing with opinions about the Browns. Recently, one Reddit thread discussed how poorly Kody has treated Meri over the years. But even so, she continued contributing to the family assets.

I think it’s the cult mentality she was raised in!” a Reddit user sympathized with Meri. “I’m not particularly fond of her at all, but I feel sorry for her thinking she deserves this treatment and even wanting him back!”

What do you make of the situation? Did Kody Brown ever actually love Meri? Or is he just hurt and angry over the triple divorces? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Catch the first episode of the Sister Wives Season 18 tell-all this Sunday night at 10 PM Eastern time on TLC. As Season 18 wraps up, you really won’t want to miss out.

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  1. Sad quite obvious Meri loved you. She divorced you so Robyn had all the legal ammo. For you to say you never loved her is below the belt. Kody it is troubling to believe you were ever sincere to any of them. Robyn will suffer the same fate. She being pregnant is sad. Stop 🛑 no more kid’s. God knows your heart ♥️.

  2. What a nasty pig he is he will get what is coming to him. All the kids and the wife’s should tell him go straight to hell because that’s where he’s going. No God will let him in the gates. He is a pig.

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