Michael Strahan’s ‘GMA’ Return Date Revealed

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Michael Strahan expertly balances morning news and Sunday football. Strahan’s charismatic presence as co-anchor of Good Morning America is synonymous with the morning routine for millions of viewers. Strahan is a football analyst on Fox NFL Sundays, drawing on his Super Bowl experience to provide insightful commentary. The transition between the bright lights of morning television and the high-energy atmosphere of football punditry might seem daunting for many. Strahan’s journey is marked by grace, expertise, and an undeniable connection with audiences in news and sports.

Fans Concerned About Michael

Michael Strahan has scheduled his return to Good Morning America, marking Wednesday, November 15, as the date for his comeback after an absence of nearly three weeks from his hosting duties. The news was reported by The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, following Michael’s return to Fox NFL Sunday this week. Michael, 51, has been absent from Good Morning America since 10/26 and the Fox program during weeks 8 and 9, last appeared on 10/22. They did not elaborate any further on the matter. Michael has been quiet on social media. Fans grew concern and tweeted on X:

“Is Michael ever going to return to GMA? I hope Michael Strahan is ok. He’s been off GMA for a while now,”


Michael Strahan - Good Morning America - The View, YouTube
Michael Strahan – Good Morning America – The View, YouTube

Real Reason Michael Was Absent

Given his role as a football analyst on Sundays, where filming takes place in California, he is commonly not present on the morning show on Mondays. This scheduling discrepancy is due to the geographical separation between Fox’s activities in California and Good Morning America’s location in New York City. In his time away, Linsey Davis, Rebecca Jarvis, and Juju Chang took on his role. Fans expressed concern when Michael didn’t resume his role on GMA on Tuesday following his return to NFL Sunday. Eva Pilgrim stepped into his position at the desk, joining Rebecca, 42, and the regular host, George Stephanopoulos. Following Michael’s two-week absence, a representative from ABC disclosed the true reason behind his time away. They told The U.S. Sun:

“Michael Strahan will not be with us this week as he is dealing with some personal family matters. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and concerns.”

The return of Strahan instills confidence and revives his captivating presence on Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sundays. Fans eagerly await Michael Strahan’s return to television. The former professional football player has been a full-time staple of the ABC morning news show since 2016 after he left Live with Kelly and Michael.

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanapoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
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