Todd Chrisley Is ‘Very Against’ Meeting Savannah’s New Boyfriend

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Todd Chrisley has said that he has no interest in meeting his daughter Savannah’s new boyfriend, Robert Shiver. The pair confirmed their relationship in September, but Todd won’t be ready to meet her new beau for quite some time. Continue reading to see why Todd said he is against meeting Shiver right now.

Savannah Chrisley Opens Up About Communication With Her Parents

As Chrisleyfans will know, Savannah’s parents are both serving time in prison for federal tax evasion and fraud charges. The couple was convicted in June 2022.

Prior to them being put in prison, Savannah had a very close relationship with both of her parents. She was in touch with them on a daily basis and constantly updated them about things going on in her life.

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“Anyone I’ve ever dated, he and I have spoken about, like, I’ve told him everything,” Savannah said referring to her dad. “So, I long for those conversations — to have them, to tell him all the amazing things that are happening within my relationship and how awesome Robert is and how he’s responded to certain situations; how he has responded to situations in my life is something I’ve always wanted … we both are very similar, so that’s a thing I feel, like, he’s the male version of me.”

It has been difficult for her to not be able to have that same type of contact with Todd and Julie Chrisley. However, she has still been able to stay in touch and both of her parents are aware of her new relationship with Robert Shiver.

Todd Chrisley Won’t Be Meeting Robert Shiver Any Time Soon

Savannah Chrisley spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her dad meeting her new boyfriend. “You know, Dad is very against it just because ‘He’s not gonna see me in this atmosphere and this environment,’ and I feel like it’s more a male pride type of thing,” she said.

While Todd Chrisley isn’t eager to meet Savannah’s new boyfriend, her mom Julie is excited to meet Robert Shiver.

“Mom’s very much all for it ’cause she’s like, ‘Hey, if y’all are gonna end up together I need to meet him,'” Savannah told ET. “And I sent her pictures of us, obviously, and she’s heard all the stories, so she is, like, vicariously living through me.”

Savannah said that he would definitely meet her mom sometime soon, but things are still up in the air for Todd Chrisley. He said that he doesn’t want to meet her boyfriend while he’s in prison, but Savannah Chrisley is still holding out hope that her parents will be home sooner rather than later.

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The relationship was made Instagram official last week. Savannah shared three photos of her and Robert together. In one snapshot, he is planting a kiss on her.

Robert Shiver is still married to his ex, Lindsay. Apparently, his estranged wife plotted to have him killed by a hitman.

Despite that, Robert and Savannah seem to be making the most of their budding relationship and not letting their troubles overshadow their happiness.

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