‘The Family Chantel’: Does Pedro Jimeno Have A New Girlfriend?

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The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno has finalized his divorce from Chantel Everett. He even had to say “Thank God!” in one of his legal discussions with his ex-wife. Many were saddened by how things turned out for the two. But it seems they really weren’t meant for each other. It takes a while to heal from a divorce. However, the Dominican Republic native may have already forgotten about his past as rumors about his new girlfriend surfaced. Keep reading to see his relationship status today.

The Family Chantel: The End Of Perdo Jimeno & Chantel Everett’s Marriage

Pedro and Chantel called it quits after six years of marriage. The latest season of The Family Chantel features the process of their divorce and the aftermath of their split. The two never had a healthy relationship from the start. The 32-year-old man often called his now ex-wife “lazy” and thought that she wasn’t a supportive spouse. On the other hand, Everett felt neglected due to the amount of time he put into his work.

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Pedro has already departed from Chantel’s house just one day after she asked for a divorce. It was also reported that the ex-wife took $265,000 from the bank account that they shared. But it led to a big confrontation, which pushed Pedro to proceed with the divorce as soon as possible.

Pedro’s Cheating Scandal

Chantel has also accused Pedro of cheating multiple times over the course of their marriage. Most of her accusations were documented in Season 4. At one point, the star of The Family Chantel accused her ex-husband of having an affair with his co-worker named Antonella Barrenechea. According to her, Jimeno had picked her up to work and even took the woman on her own multiple times. Pedro denied all the accusations, but it didn’t stop the Georgia native from citing “adultery” and “cruel treatment” as reasons for their divorce.

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The Family Chantel: Is Pedro Jimeno In A New Relationship?

Shortly after his divorce, Pedro was already rumored to be in a new relationship. However, the TLC star said earlier this month that he keeps his dating stuff to himself. He never denied or confirmed that he was seeing someone. But he made it clear that it’s going to be revealed when the time comes.

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The star of The Family Chantel also added that he has no plans for reconciliation with his ex-wife, Chantel Everett. His sister has already expressed her excitement to see him dating again and hopes that the family of the next woman he’ll meet is far better than the Chantels.

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