EXPLOSIVE Preview: Chantel Everett & Pedro Jimeno’s Demise

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TLC just released a new teaser for the season finale of The Family Chantel. Things didn’t end well between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno in Season 4. They struggled a lot living under one roof. The man from the Dominican Republic reached a breaking point, leading him to leave the house and file for divorce. But it seems the explosive fights between the two are not over yet. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming season.

The Family Chantel: Where Will The Season Finale Start?

The fifth season of The Family Chantel, which is also the finale, will start off with the chaos that erupted in Season 4. Chantel and Pedro are still struggling with their marriage and are on the verge of divorce. They even tried to live together as a separated couple, but things didn’t go their way. Some of the plot points for the finale also include the tension between Scott and Pedro as well as Karen’s plans on getting him deported. There will also be an interesting storyline revolving around the mysterious package that Chantel received.

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Chantel & Pedro’s Explosive Fight In Latest Preview

TLC may have released one of the most anticipated scenes in the show. It showcases the heated exchange between Pedro and Chantel. In one of their conversations, the 32-year-old man went off on his ex and told her, “If you want to believe I never loved you, okay, believe I never loved you.” He even made it clear that he’s done by saying, “I was in love with you.” Chantel Everett can also be seen crying after the argument. However, in her confessional, she said she’s “ready to fight.” Due to this, The Family Chantel fans can expect that Season 5 will be much more intense, especially with some members of the Chantel family breathing over Pedro’s neck.

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Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

The Family Chantel: Did Pedro Jimeno Cheat On Chantel Everett?

Another shocking reveal from the latest preview is about Pedro addressing the cheating accusations. During his interview, he was asked by the producer if he had cheated. He didn’t say anything to the camera. However, he raised his shoulder after a long silence, seemingly wanting to admit something. One of the first scenes of the trailer also shows Pedro Jimeno making a toast to a mysterious woman after Chantel angrily says that she chose to trust her husband.


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The season finale of The Family Chantel premieres on November 6, 2023, on TLC. The final installment is also expected to feature the most explosive fights that the franchise has ever had. Will the cast members get more projects after the show?

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