Olivia Flowers And Taylor Ann Green Relationship Amongst Brothers Deaths

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During the “It’s All About to Go South” panel at BravoCon 2023, Southern Charm‘s Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers talked about the loss of their brothers this year. And how they are leaning on each other for support. Olivia Flowers’s brother, Conner Flowers passed away in January 2023 because of a fentanyl overdose. Taylor Anne Greens’ brother Richard Worthington “Worth” Green passed away in June 2023.

Taylor Ann Green And Olivia Flowers Open Up

During the BravoCon panel, Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers shared an update on how they are doing after their older brothers passed away this year. Olivia spoke first about how supportive her fellow Southern Charm Cast members have been. Olivia stated “That was definitely one of the positives out of this season was that I got to explore new friendships. And that’s really where people stepped up for me, regardless of what was going on.” It has been good to see the support from all of the cast members of Southern Charm during this difficult time for Olivia.

Taylor Ann Green opened up about the tragic loss of her brother. Taylor stated “Olivia [was] one of the first people to knock on my door and sit in bed with me and cry. So, we’ve been able to kind of put things aside and what’s really going on in our lives. Everybody’s been great, everybody’s stepped up, as they did for her.” It is nice that the pair were able to put aside their recent conflict over Austen Kroll to support each other.


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Olivia Flowers responded, “That’s what a true friendship is, like, regardless of the circumstance, you show up for the person.” It’s great to see the friends showing up for each other in such difficult times.

Austen Kroll Talks About Connection With Olivia Flowers

Austen Kroll opened up about the loss of his sister when he was a child on the November 2 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, And how it has impacted his relationship with Olivia Flowers. He said he felt like it was important to reach out to his Ex as she went through the loss of her brother. Austen stated “It was very tough for me, because I felt like I was like, ‘I should be the one who was there for her,’ but I’ve obviously chosen not to be that person… Then this tragedy kind of happens.” Austen still showed up in a big way for Olivia despite their recent break-up.


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Austen revealed what occurred after Olivia’s tragic loss.  He said, “It was like that kind of moment that I’ll never forget.” Austen explained that he missed Olivia on the first day of her brother’s death but he was able to meet up with her the next day. Austen said of the meeting “I ran out to see her and had this rom-com movie moment of just meeting in the driveway and collapsing into each other. It was just a moment you can’t really describe.” It is nice the pair were able to lean on each other for support during Olivia’s difficult tragedy.

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