‘Y&R’ Christian J. LeBlanc Absence Explained: Cancer Diagnosis

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Christian J. LeBlanc’s absence on CBS’s Young and the Restless has not gone unnoticed by fans. Being 65 years old, soap opera fans were understandably concerned something could be going on with his health. Likewise, it was also possible the actor had other obligations that caused him to take a temporary leave from the show.

During a recent interview on television with a CBS affiliate news station in New Orleans, Christian J. LeBlanc finally broke his silence on why he’s been missing from Young and the Restless. As fans feared, his absence was health-related.

Sadly, Christian J. LeBlanc recently received a cancer diagnosis. His absence from Young and the Restless is because he was busy battling cancer.

Y&R Christian J. LeBlanc Absence Explained: Cancer Diagnosis

During the interview, the Young and the Restless star revealed it was back in June of this year when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed at St. John’s Providence Hospital in Santa Monica, CA. Prior to this scary diagnosis, Christian J. LeBlanc admits he had never spent a day in the hospital despite being 65 years old.

The soap star proceeded to share what made him seek medical attention in the first place. For starters, the wedding ring that his character on Young and the Restless was easily slipping off his finger. He was enduring nose bleeds. It, however, was when one of his eyes started to feel “wonky” that he decided to go to the doctor.

Surprisingly, it was actually fans of Young and the Restless who first noticed his eye looked a little “wonky” while watching the show. He reveals that after going to the doctor a tumor was discovered in his sinus cavity. It was putting pressure on his optic nerve.

He was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma which is an extremely common cancer.

Hospital Stay And Surgery

During his battle, he spent time in the hospital and underwent surgery to have the tumor removed. He also received immunotherapy treatment. During his battle, Christian J. LeBlanc lost 35 pounds in two months. He added he didn’t lose the weight “in a good way.”

The actor was very happy to share that his cancer was in complete remission. He was feeling much better and would be returning to the show. Young and the Restless fans could expect him to return for the Thanksgiving episode.

Understandably, fans were thrilled to learn he was doing alright. And, they couldn’t wait for his return.

Are you relieved to know why Christian J. LeBlanc was missing from the show for several months? Are you looking forward to his return too? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on your favorite TV shows.

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