‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Chief Stews Catch Some Serious Shade From Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Hannah Ferrier Says Captain Sandy Chased Her, Hated Her [Screenshot | Bravo TV]

Former chief stew on Below Deck Mediterranean, Hannah Ferrier, throws some serious shade at current chief stews. Hannah spent the first five seasons of Below Deck Med as chief stew before being fired. Hannah was fired for having undeclared valium on board and a CBD pen. Fans have always thought that Hannah was unjustly fired because of bias from Captain Sandy Yawn. Captain Sandy, however, states it violates maritime law to have undeclared medications on board. Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn have been at odds since the incident. Now Hannah Ferrier is biting back and throwing some serious shade at Below Deck Mediterranean.

Throwing Shade

Since Hannah Ferrier was fired there has been a new chief stew every season of Below Deck Mediterranean. After Kyle Viljoen appeared on Watch What Happens Live, Hannah went to the comments to throw some shade on the Season 8 crew. Hannah writes “Augh. I get why you try replace me every season”.  Hannah continued to go on “It’s really hard because obviously they’ve changed the chief stew every season since I left. And I feel like it’s such an important role on Below Deck to fill”. Sounds like Hannah does not approve of her replacements.

Fans have gone to the comments to respond back to the shade Hannah Ferrier is throwing. One fan stated, “Replacing you is not hard you never took responsibility for anything you did wrong”. Another fan states “They could not replace you. Replacing your missed presence requires them to bring in high school drama”. It sounds like fans are equal parts okay with seeing Hannah leave and sad she left.


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Chief Stew Problems

Maybe current Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo will be able to keep the position long enough to prove Hannah Ferrier wrong about rotating chief stews every season. Although it is not looking good. Currently, Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo is at risk of being fired. Tumi and third stew  Natalya Schudder are currently in a feud that is putting them both at risk of being fired.  Captain Sandy Yawn stated earlier in Season 8 that she is “ready to put you both off the boat”.


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In addition, Tumi Mhlongo thinks second stew Kyle Viljoen is gunning for her job. One fan asked Tumi if she regretted going to Kyle “because ultimately, he seemed to pit you two against each other?” Tumi responded “A hundred percent. Kyle just wanted my job. There’s nothing that Kyle wanted more than to be chief stew. So, he was going to do anything in his power to make it uncomfortable, and that’s the truth.” Kyle even admitted to gunning for Tumi’s job himself stating “Maybe one day.” Tumi better watch her back if she wants to prove Hannah Ferrier wrong.

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