Why Is ‘Special Forces’ Not Airing Tonight?

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Why is a new episode of Special Forces not airing tonight and why is the show off the schedule in general? It has become a Monday night staple but it is now not on the guide so what happened? More so, when will it return? Read on for more details.

Why Is Special Forces Not Airing Tonight?

Season 2 of Special Forces has been pretty exciting so far. It has challenged athletes and reality stars to no end. They have shown that they can either make it or do not have what it takes which can be sad. Tara Reid came on as she had been bullied for years. She wanted to regain her strength and inner power. However, it was clear that she was not going to make it when three packs of cigarettes were confiscated from her on day one. She left in episode two. Savannah Chrisley really wanted it as this was the last show that she and her parents watched before they went to prison.

Chrisley Knows Best -Savannah Chrisley self-eliminates from Special Forces - Fox

Sadly, she missed her siblings, whom she had just gotten custody of, and finally gave up. She was not the only one as Brian Austin Green, Dez Bryant, Blac Chyna, and Robert Horry all turned in their numbers. Kelly Rizzo, the wife of the late Bob Saget, tried her hardest but her knees could no longer take it. She finally turned in her number and left. The last episode showed her exit and Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval breaking down over his affair. He got no sympathy from the staff but did get a bloody nose from Jack Osbourne.

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Sandoval even broke down while using the bathroom which was entertaining to fans. This week was supposed to be an epic challenge but there is no Special Forces. The show will not go on but why? As it turns out, it will be preempted due to the American League Champion Series, Game 7. Yes, baseball, the Texas Rangers at the Houston Astros. So, when will it return?

The Show Must Go On

Baseball Fans can rejoice as it will dominate Monday nights for the next two weeks. After this is the World Series so Special Forces will not be on again next Monday, October 30th. However, it is set to return on Monday, November 6th. What will the episode be about? “The remaining recruits are taken to the top of a mountain range to face the most demanding exercise of selection so far — using a single rope to crawl across a deadly ravine.” This begs the question of who will stay and who will end up bailing.

Are you bummed that there is no new episode this week? Let us know and watch Special Forces when it returns Monday, November 6th on FOX.

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