Whitney Way Thore Dissing Buddy Bell’s Wedding?

MBFFL Buddy Bell and Whitney

Whitney Way Thore went off for her annual sabbatical to France, but will she miss her friend Buddy Bell’s wedding? The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star won’t be back for about another week, and TLC fans didn’t miss the fact that he ties the knot soon.

Whitney Way Thore Visited Paris, The UK, And Returned To France

When fans saw the MBFFL star in Paris again, some of them wondered if she traveled with Fat Girls Traveling. At the time, it seemed unlikely. However, she started posting “Travel With Whitney” style headlined social media posts. So, possibly she did, or she decided to do something similar. Later, she went over to the UK.

Whitney Way Thore popped up in London, UK  where she went sightseeing with a friend. My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans encouraged her to visit Scotland and other places. However, she didn’t stay very long. In fact, it looked like she only did a night or two in the big city. Then the next thing, she seemed to be back in France. Is that going to make her miss Buddy Bell’s wedding?

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Cuts It Fine With Buddy Bell’s Wedding

On Reddit, TLC fans discussed the possibility that Buddy Bell might tie the knot while his ex-bestie is running around France. So, an OP asked, “Is she going to miss Buddy’s Wedding? Surely she would not have scheduled an extended international vacation coinciding with her Boo-Bear’s wedding!? Especially knowing this wedding has been planned [for] over a year?”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Will Whitney Way Thore Miss Buddy's Wedding TLC YouTube
My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell – TLC YouTube.

Some fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life hoped that she would miss the wedding. After all, she might be in a snit. One person said, that Whitney Way Thore probably thinks of him “as her boyfriend.” Remember, she stole a kiss from him once. Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Courtney wouldn’t let her take over the planning and certainly did not ask her to be a bridesmaid or have any part in it at all. so Whit probably is having a snit-fit and gnawing at every krwah-SOHN 💥 in Paris.”

Dissing The Wedding?

At least a few critics think that Whitney Way Thore might not care about the wedding of Buddy Bell. One of them said, “Unless Buddy is marrying HER, I don’t think she would even care. I wonder if she can’t handle it so she planned a vacation as an excuse, sorta like Jim on The Office when Pam was getting married. I think Buddy getting married bothers her a lot more than we realize.”

Are you surprised that the MBFFL star seems to have extended her stay in Europe? Will Whitney Way Thore miss Buddy Bell’s wedding? If she does, do you think that will bother him? Let us know in the comments below and watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life on Tuesdays on TLC.

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