‘Golden Bachelor’ Trista Sutter Reveals Her Top 2 Picks For Gerry

Trista Sutter and Gerry Turner via YouTube

Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner’s journey to find love is airing currently on ABC. Some alums have been making appearances to help out the premiere season of the spinoff. One of those alums is Trista Sutter. Of course, she married her final pick and they are still happily married with children. So, who does she think has potential to make Gerry happy and have a long term relationship? Keep reading to find out her top two picks for Gerry.

Trista Sutter reveals her top 2 picks for Gerry Turner

Bachelorette Trista Sutter was on hand for The Golden Bachelor pickleball group date. Gerry Turner has made it clear he loves the sport and wants a companion who can play the game and be adventurous.

While seeing Gerry interact with the women on the date, Trista gave her input on who her top two picks are for Gerry. Of course, she noted that she hadn’t seen how things were on other dates and she didn’t get to see Leslie since she had the one-on-one date for the week.

Entertainment Tonight shared what she had to say. Trista said, “I don’t know the ins and outs of the other dates, but if I had to guess it would be between Theresa and Ellen. I just sense when he looks at them that there’s something behind their relationship that I don’t know about yet… There’s just something between Theresa and Gerry and Ellen and Gerry that I can’t put my finger on yet, but I think there’s chemistry there.”

Trista and Gerry Insta

Do you agree with her choices?

After Thursday’s rose ceremony, there are only six women remaining.

Joey Graziadei was also there

The Bachelor Joey Graziadei was also on hand for the pickleball date to offer some instruction to the ladies. He teaches tennis but noted that since pickleball is such a craze he had to get in on that too.

As for his thoughts on Gerry, Joey says The Golden Bachelor was having the time of his life. He said it was awesome to be able to be a part of the whole experience. He also noted that Gerry Turner is a great guy and is fully embracing the experience.

He and Trista Sutter both had a great time helping with the date.

What do you think about Trista’s choices for Gerry? Who do you think he will pick?

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