North West Blabs About Kim Kardashian’s New Business

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One thing is for sure, you never know what kids are going to say. Recently, Kim Kardashian and North West were live streaming on TikTok before bed. They were watching the latest episode of The Kardashians together and casually hanging out. But, North starts a conversation that receives a quick hush from Kim.

Kim Kardashian Seems To Support North West’s Social Expressions

One of North West‘s favorite forms of social media is TikTok. Lately, she has been filming many TikTok videos with her mom, Kim Kardashian. Increasingly, North has posted more lip-sync videos, live streams, and creative clips to share.

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An insider tells The Sun, “Although Kanye disagrees with North being allowed to post on TikTok, he appreciates Kim being reasonable about certain content she posts.” Additionally, “Kanye has a really strong bond with North, and even though he completely trusts her, he knows she’s still very young and can’t always make the best judgment call on what’s appropriate to share with the public and what’s not.” But Ye has come a long way from his stance a year ago where he criticized his ex-wife for allowing their daughter to post on TikTok.

Kim seems to support her online expressions and even joins in with posts. While watching the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim and North live-streamed on TikTok.

North West Tells About Kim Kardashian’s New Brand

While Kim Kardashian and North West relaxed and prepared for bed, they captured this bonding time on social media. Before getting their beauty sleep the two live stream on a fan’s TikTok page. During the video, North teases inside details about a new brand release. Saying, “Guys, there’s another brand coming up.” Casually, Kim asks her “What brand?” To which North grins and says, “You know.” As Kim catches on to what she is alluding to, she cuts her off before she can elaborate more. Kim reminds North, “You don’t talk about people’s business like this; just chill.”

Viewers React

Certainly, viewers want to comment about North almost blurting out Kim Kardashian’s new business plans. Laughably, one fan says, “Kim needs to get North to sign a NDA because she be exposing.” Another person pointedly says, “That’s why you don’t talk in front of kids fr.” And someone else shares a theory, “I think it’s gonna be a brand for North cause she started to say no it’s not other people’s business lol.” A viewer also speculates that in ten years North will be the one to “expose all the family tea.” Supportingly, another commenter says, “North is bound to spill some secrets the older she gets I just know it.”

Do you think Kim Kardashian knew she was going to say something? Is there a new business on the horizon? What do you think the new business brand might be? What did you think about the latest episode of The Kardashians? Tell us what you think the next Kardashian business should be. Drop your thoughts on the latest Kardashian news in the comments below.

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