How Kody & Robyn Brown Exposed Themselves, Game Over?

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How did Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown finally expose themselves? More so, does this mean game over for the couple? They have been the subject of controversy from the children in the family as well as the other wives. Now it seems that they have really sealed their fate. Read on for more details.

How Kody & Robyn Brown Exposed Themselves, Game Over?

It has been really hard for the kids of Janelle Brown and Christine Brown for the last few seasons of Sister Wives. Kody Brown stopped coming around, even prior to the pandemic. This was something Christine’s girls, who were still at home, had just gotten used to. Then, once the pandemic hit, Kody created extremely strict pandemic protocols that the whole family had to follow. It felt that the only wife and children who were obliging were Robyn Brown and her five children. So, he was always at her house and not splitting his time.

Janelle and Christine/IG
Janelle, Christine-Instagram

Additionally, he wanted Janelle to throw her sons, Gabriel and Garrison out of her home. It became quite messy and now, the kids don’t seem to care about their dad. Furthermore, they have ill feelings toward Robyn. It seems that the latest episode actually made viewers despise the couple even more which seemed almost impossible. A Reddit thread was started to address a recent situation where Robyn got involved when she shouldn’t. For years, the kids have done a Christmas gift exchange so they started a text to do it again. Somehow, Robyn took over and removed her children.

Robyn, Kody Brown-YouTube
Robyn, Kody Brown-YouTube

More so, after she removed her kids, she asked Logan and Mykelti to do her dirty work and share they were no longer involved. The OP sent a message to Kody and Robyn Brown letting them know that they “buried” themselves with this action. Plus, Kody bad-mouthed his children by calling them “jerks.” It was also pointed out that they made Meri the constant scapegoat, and the holidays have become an absolute disaster filled with lies. Finally, the OP concluded with the number that has been done on Robyn’s kids so far.

Fans React

So, what did fellow Redditors think of Kody and Robyn Brown’s recent behavior? One person was watching their daughter, Breanna, break down. They could not believe what they’ve done to these kids and how they have been made to believe everyone hates them. Another added that it seems like Christine is the one they blame for absolutely everything. Finally, one Redditor called Robyn a “scumbag.” It appears that their clear manipulation just adds to the reasons why fans are so disgusted by the two of them.

Do you think Kody and Robyn really exposed themselves or was that done a while ago? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Yes, this very much appears to be solely Kody and Robyn’s fault. The two of them are so wrapped up in themselves and their feelings, they can’t even see the damage they’ve done to the kids and the rest of the family. Every time Kody or Robyn give their interviews, I want to vomit. Robyn is such a victim (even though she swears up and down she’s not), and Kody is an angry child who won’t take responsibility for anything.

  2. This family is not an exemplar for anything except an abusive, controlling set of relationships. Denying natural jealousy is in and of itself UNNATURAL. I have, sadly, wasted far too many hours of my life watching this abominable car crash crossed with a train crash, and at this point, all of their dysfunctional, crazy and unhinged behavior has been laid bare. These are not good people, they are not bad people, but they are hardly a family ANYONE should look up to, forget follow in parasocial relationships on IG, Fakebook and all other forms of social media – a cancer in society. Kody especially has revealed his true colors as a crazy, unhinged liar. The whole thing was a sham. And a fraud.

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