‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Finn’s Shock At Steffy’s Hypocrisy

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is good at the “out of sight, out of mind” stories … ones that are pushed aside while new ones take center stage. A few back-burner scripts are far from over. It’s time to assess one in particular.

Tables will turn for Finn and Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Finn (Tanner Novlan) isn’t going to take the hit for his marriage being in turmoil. When he learns Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) isn’t the perfect one she makes herself out to be, it may spell trouble for this popular daytime couple. Moreover, it could permanently damage any hope they have of reconciliation.

As fans know, The Bold and the Beautiful is momentarily writing that Steffy and the kids are in Europe. The Forrester CEO is determined to keep them all safe from Finn’s birth mother, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Until Steffy is convinced Finn wants Sheila completely obliterated from his life, she’ll stay away. However, she’s keeping her own secret from Finn that’s sure to hurt him … and rest assured he’ll find out.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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The Bold and the Beautiful is saving up for this one

The CBS soap will bring back unresolved issues between Finn and Steffy once MacInnes Wood returns from maternity leave. At what point Finn and Sheila’s status will be is unknown. Don’t count on Finn booting her out of his life — especially now that Hope (Annika Noelle) is sharing scenes with him. Her father, Deacon (Sean Kanan), is engaged to Sheila — and a friendship is blossoming between her and Finn. Their parents are involved and that alone can complicate Finn’s feelings for Sheila, which won’t fly with Steffy.

It gets messy from here

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are eager to see how Finn learns of his wife’s — not one, but TWO — kisses with Liam (Scott Clifton). Firstly, the spontaneous liplock in Rome … and another one when Liam apologized for it. Taken aback, Steffy put Liam in his place. It’s not her fault that their daughter’s baby daddy feels the need to pull her in for a kiss whenever the mood strikes. The Bold and the Beautiful isn’t having Steffy show signs of longing for her ex. The problem is, Finn won’t like it one bit. He’ll be all over Steffy for withholding these secrets from him since she’s the one who left to begin with.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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Does Steffy fess up or will Finn hear about the kisses from someone else?

The question is, how’s Finn going to find out about the kisses when Steffy returns?

One guess is Hope might overhear Liam on the phone talking to her nemesis. Hope and Liam still co-parent Beth, and it only makes sense this might occur. The two still come face-to-face for the sake of their daughter.

Another speculation  is Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) will be the one eavesdropping and realize Liam kissed Steffy. Furthermore, the young Forrester is the one exposing truths on The Bold and the Beautiful. Will this be another secret Douglas leaks?

Will Steffy fess up to Finn about her kisses with Liam — or will he hear it from someone else? One thing’s for sure … Finn will be shocked at Steffy’s hypocrisy after feeling responsible for the strain in their marriage.

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