‘Gold Rush’ Season 14, Rick Ness Asks Parker For Favor

Parker Schanbel on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Discovery fans who are watching Gold Rush Season 14 with the return of Rick Ness are thrilled with the new season. There is more risk, more drama, and more gold. Moreover, Episode 3 entitled “Hey Parker, It’s Rick” promises a big reunion. In addition, Parker seems to have a lot of good luck. Is he on the gold?

Lastly, Tony Beets is challenging Mike Beets to get things set up for the season. Can The Viking be patient as this son learns some new skills?

Here is what fans should expect in the next episode.

Rick Ness Gold Rush - Facebook
Rick Ness Gold Rush – Facebook

What Is Gold Rush Season 14 Episode 3 About?

The latest episode of Gold Rush Season 14 is called “Hey Parker, It’s Rick.” According to IMDb, “Parker’s crew unearths a pile of gold in an unlikely location. After years of not speaking, Rick visits Parker for a favor–he needs a loader. Tony pressures son Mike to spearhead the move to Indian River.”

Tony Beets Gold Rush - YouTube
Tony Beets Gold Rush – YouTube

Rick Ness And Parker Schnabel Finally Talk

Gold Rush fans know that it has been years since Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel have talked. Parker is the one who found Rick when he was playing stand-up bass for the .357 String Band. He talked him into joining his crew. Rick had previously worked for his father’s construction company, so he knew his way around the big machines.

However, things got tense when Rick had different ideas from Parker. They butt heads many times. Then, Rick started his own mining team and the two became estranged.

But, based on this week’s preview for the upcoming episode, there seems like no animosity whatsoever. The two give each other a friendly hug. Then Parker tells him how he knew Rick would be back, and Rick really seems to appreciate his support.

Then Rick admitted that years ago, he gave his best work to Parker. Parker then admitted he was at his worst during this time. Parker also pointed out how hard they all worked. But, Rick was ready to do it again. He has put it all on the line and he is determined.

Now, Rick has a favor. He needs a loader. Can Parker help out?

Tony Beets Seems To Miss Kevin Beets In Gold Rush Preview

Part of the fun of Gold Rush is seeing how the miners interact with each other and watching them grow their skills. However, nothing compares to Tony Beets when he is frustrated. In this upcoming week, he has to patiently guide Mike Beets into doing the job that his other son Kevin Beets used to do. Can Mike live up to his father’s standards?

Don’t miss the premiere of Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 3, “Hey Parker, It’s Rick” on Friday, October 13, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. It is also available on Discovery+. Be sure to stay for Bering Sea Gold Season 17, Episode 2 at 9 p.m., Eastern, also on Discovery.

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