‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Twist Promises To ‘Destroy’ Relationships

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A new twist on Bachelor In Paradise promises to “destroy” burgeoning relationships and unleash drama like we’ve never seen before. Keep reading for what we know so far about the shocking turn of events.

Rachel Recchia’s Ex Arrives

With so many Bachelor Nation alums eager to find love again on Bachelor In Paradise, their arrivals are spread out over several episodes. The Oct. 12 episode saw two new arrivals.

Rejected Season 20 contestant Tanner Courtad was the first new arrival. He made a beeline for Kat Izzo, who was already connecting with Brayden Bowers.

The second newbie is actually an oldie, previously appearing on BIP Season 8.

Tyler Norris, a former suitor of Rachel Recchia, was the second new arrival. While he did briefly catch up with his ex, he took Mercedes on a date.

Fans will have to tune in to see how the Mercedes/Tyler/Will Urena love triangle plays out.

Hannah Brown Fans the Flames of Drama

But was Brayden Bowers really that blindsided by Kat Izzo moving on so quickly? She made it clear that she wasn’t committed to their relationship.

In the previous episode, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown hosted a bonfire where she asked tough questions to feel out how strong the connections were among the contestants.

Hannah Brown/Credit: ABC YouTube
Hannah Brown/Credit: ABC YouTube

When asked by Brown, Izzo admitted she was “open” to exploring her options. Her prediction came to be true when she formed a connection with Tanner Courtad.

It seems that Hannah Brown’s bonfire is tame in comparison to the twist that will potentially ruin relationships on next week’s episode.

Bachelor In Paradise Twist Promises to ‘Destroy’ Relationships

Ahead of the Season 9 premiere, host Jesse Palmer teased a “big twist.” We now know what the twist is: a Paradise Truth Box, The Bachelor version of the iconic Mean Girls burn book.

Paradise Truth Box/Credit: ABC YouTube
Paradise Truth Box/Credit: ABC YouTube

BIP contestants will write down their true feelings about their fellow beachgoers and put them in the box. The trailer shows the box being thrown on the ground and smashed.

The contestants take turns reading pieces of paper from the box. “Kat played Brayden,” one confession read. Another warned, “Tanner should watch out for Kat.”

Kat Izzo takes issue with two truths being directed at her. She says, “We all came here to salvage connections. I’m sorry if you don’t like the way that it was done” (via Entertainment Tonight.)

“The truth box is going to destroy at least one couple,” Olivia Lewis says about the box of truths.

Who do you think will suffer the most from the Truth Box? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Bachelor In Paradise airs Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern on ABC.

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