’90 Day’ The Last Resort: Fans Revolted By Asuelu Rape Allegation

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90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort fans were disgusted with Asuelo Pulaa cheating on Kalani Faagata multiple times, but now they feel revolted after rape allegations emerged. The allegations by the mom of Oliver and Kennedy are serious, and TLC fans hit the end of the road with him.

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Got Ugly, Kalani Faagata Lashes Out

Asuelu sat in Couples Therapy and the tears flowed as he heard his estranged wife recount his scandalous ways. Briefly, TLC fans felt there might be some hope for the couple. However, after he cheated on her with pictures of nude women, she was over him. Disgusted fans slammed him on social media. Additionally, they understand why she took the kids with her to the spinoff with her sister as a nanny.

As if the reveal of the yeast infection on Asuelu’s tongue didn’t shock 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort viewers enough, they now have more reasons to feel sickened. A new post on Kalani’s Instagram story claimed that he raped her. Part of her message talked about how she bought her own home, and how they planned baby #1. However, the last part of it seemed shocking. She claimed that she was “held down” and her legs were “forced open.”

90 Day Fiance Fans Reacted – Revolted

The post made its way to Reddit, and there, reality TV fans expressed their shock and revulsion for Asuelu. The OP said, “He keeps getting worse and worse. And here we all thought he was just stupid, no a stupid, cheating r*pist. Stop the tears, you absolute POS. She’s a better woman than I am because I would have killed him, let alone her trying to continue this relationship after all of this. Jesus. Poor Kalani.💔”

90 Day Fiance The Last Resort Fans Revolted By Asuelu Rape Allegation Reddit
90 Day Fiance The Last Resort Fans Revolted By Asuelu Rape Allegation – Reddit

90 Day Fiance fans reached the end of their tolerance for Asuelu Pulaa. One of them said:

Knowing this and then watching the Last Resort tonight made me feel awful. I don’t think they should be on any 90 Day shows and process all of this off camera. Kalani’s comments from the last epsiode about how she doesn’t want Asuelu touching her are seen in a different way now because of this information. What a awful situation.”

Will This Be The End Of Asuelu On TLC?

90 Day Fiance fans doubt that TLC will shuffle Asuelu off The Last Resort, or any other spinoffs. A follower who seems disgusted with TLC wrote, “What happened to her is absolutely awful and surely TLC have to cut ties with him now. I know they exploit people but they just can’t have an abuser on their shows anymore, right…….”

A skeptical member of the community doesn’t have faith in that assumption. They replied, saying, “They have the same abusers on season after season. I wouldn’t have faith in TLC cutting ties with them. I hope they do, but previous seasons show us differently.”

What do you think of Kalani Fagaata claiming that allegedly, Asuelu Pulaa forced himself on her when she fell pregnant with her second child? Are you shocked that she even bothered to take part in the spinoff? Let us know if you also feel revolted by the new revelations, and watch 90 Day: The Last Resort on Mondays on TLC.

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