‘The View’ Ana Navarro Is Triggered By ‘The Golden Bachelor’

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Within The Bachelor franchise, the new version, The Golden Bachelor has been a hot topic lately. Needless to say, it keeps coming up on The View. Noticeably, most of the ladies are happy to discuss it when the subject comes up. But Ana Navarro gets honest and lets the audience know it is a trigger for her. Admittedly, this idea of a different generation searching for love on camera has sparked debate among the co-hosts of The View.

The View Panel Has Mixed Emotions

Sunny Hostin previously referred to the opening of the new show The Golden Bachelor as “thirsty and undignified.” Famously, The View is there to bring out different bold opinions from the panel of the ladies. In this case, some of the co-hosts love the show and cannot get enough. While others, like Ana Navarro, hate the idea of having to talk about it.


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The Golden Bachelor Buzz

What is all the buzz? Well, the star of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, is 72 years old. First, of its kind, he is having expedited dates with multiple ladies in the age range of 60-75 years old. Refreshingly, showing that people in this age group are completely full of life and seeking love. Bringing their experiences and pressing past any fear to show raw emotions on a new layer of reality TV.

But on the latest episode of The Golden Bachelor, the realness spills over when Gerry Turner is seen crying during the rose ceremony. In a clip reviewed on The View, they see this moment on screen. As the bachelor gives roses to the ladies remaining on the show it is heartwrenching. Without a rose, a contestant is sent home, leaving no hope of a relationship with Gerry. The video showed the ladies were crying and saddened whether they received a rose or not.

The View From Joy Behar Is Favorable

Joy Behar pointed out how much she loved seeing the emotional bond the women had with each other. Notably, they are mature enough to be friends even though are in complete competition for the man of their dreams. The panel on The View began to discuss the tears being shed. Reportedly, Sunny Hostin was very uncomfortable with the crying and said felt she needed “intense therapy” after seeing the show. But some of the other co-hosts said, “I loved Gerry, all those tears. Adorable.”

Ana Navarro Is Triggered By The View‘s Hot Topic

During the conversation, Ana Navarro expresses she is over the subject of The Golden Bachelor. “I’m going to be the one crying if we keep talking about The Bachelor,” Ana confessed. She dramatically exclaimed she’d, “Rather be thrown over the wall,” referencing the border crisis they mentioned before The Golden Bachelor segment.

Moreover, she thinks Brian Teta wants to torture her each week with chats about The Golden Bachelor. Moving on, Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned, Naked and Afraid, a competition that puts people in the wild with no food, water, or clothes. Laughably, Joy suggested a crossover, “I want to see The Naked Golden Bachelor.” Certainly, the mental images Sunny Hostin has with that suggestion are probably pretty disturbing since she is uncomfortable with the mere sight of crying.

What do you think about The Golden Bachelor? Do you think The View should continue to discuss The Golden Bachelor? Is Ana Navarro being dramatic about this topic? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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