Robyn & Kody Brown’s Hard Times With Matching Rolexes?

Sister Wives Kody Brown - YouTube, TLC

Sister Wives fans have found yet another reason to loathe Kody Brown. Viewers recently took to Reddit to talk about some of Kody’s recent purchases and how much it makes them hate him even more. What are fans rolling their eyes about now? Keep reading to find out!

A Million Reasons To Not Like Kody Brown

There is no secret that many Sister Wives fans absolutely hate Kody Brown, and there are a number of reasons why. Fans have talked about the way he ditched his wedding ring while he was still spiritually married to three out of four of his wives.

Kody Brown has come out and said that he uses “family funds” to support purchases for himself. Many viewers believe this is likely at the expense of some of his other children.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown - YouTube, TLC

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Meanwhile, Robyn Brown’s children are frequently given expensive gifts. One Redditor pointed out that all of her kids have fairly nice vehicles, and they even purchased an RV for her son, Dayton.

Fans of the show took to Reddit to discuss some of Kody’s recent purchases and how it makes them hate him even more. As mentioned above, everyone was justifiably disgusted about Kody getting himself a new ring, but more has been uncovered in Season 18, Episode 8 of Sister Wives.

Kody & Robyn Brown’s Matching Rolexes

In a post on the site, one person pointed out that Kody Brown seems to be wearing “a Rolex Datejust Men’s Diamond Watch with a Stainless Steel and Gold Band and a Blue Face.”

The person pointed out that they no longer make this model of Rolex, but it still costs thousands of dollars. Kody likely spent an estimated $7,000 on the watch. Brand new with a green face, these watches sell for around $14,000.

“Meanwhile he can’t be bothered to give any of his OG 15 children Christmas presents in 2021, pay off his poop bacteria ridden gigantic real estate folly, pay for his children’s health care emergencies, or get himself decent hair plugs,” they continued in the post. “Reason #645,739,839 that he’s a complete a**hat.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown New Watch- YouTube, TLC

Image: YouTube/TLC

Sister Wives viewers flocked to the comments to weigh in on the discussion. One person pointed out that Robyn Brown may have a matching Rolex. A few people said that he and Robyn often spend money on unnecessary, gaudy jewelry.

However, some question the authenticity of the jewelry they own. “I believe the watch is a fake, just like his hair and personality in early seasons,” one Redditor hypothesized. 

Others said that they should no longer support the show due to Kody Brown’s behavior. “We should not give this man a platform or a paycheck if he’s using it to buy watches over caring for his daughter,” one fan wrote.

What do you think about Robyn and Kody Brown’s matching Rolexes? Let us know in the comments!

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