Christine Brown’s Husband, David Woolley Thanks Kody?

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Christine Brown And David Woolley finally tied the knot this weekend, but did her husband subtly shade Kody Brown and thank him for failing to keep her? Of course, neither Kody nor his last remaining wife, Robyn were at the happy event in Moab, Utah. They reportedly flew to Dallas, Texas on the day Christine married the love of her life.

Christine Brown Is Married, David Woolley Is Thrilled

Despite fears by Sister Wives fans that Kody’s ex rushed too fast into a new relationship, she seems convinced that she found the right man. One really nice thing that emerged was the fact that Paedon escorted his mom down the aisle. Remember, at one stage it was thought that he didn’t get along with David.

Christine Brown gushed to People on how she felt about tying the knot with David Woolley.

It’s everything I never thought I would have. I get to walk down the aisle to David, him just looking at me the way that he does, it’s a dream come true.”

Later, both of them shared photos and captions about the big day. Was David Woolley so happy that he actually thanked Kody for letting Christine go?

Christine Brown’s New Husband David Woolley Won, Kody Lost

When he chatted with People, David didn’t actually use the words “Kody” and “thanks,” but it could be taken that way. He told the outlet, “I’m really very lucky, and very happy that someone let her go, because she’s a unicorn.”

Sister Wives TLC Christine Brown Husband David Woolley Thanks Kody Instagram
Sister Wives – TLC star Christine Brown and her Husband David Woolley – Instagram

Christine Brown’s new husband also said on his Instagram, “We’re married!! I found my unicorn @christine_brownsw and she’s a keeper and so beautiful, inside and out! One. Hot. Mamma! We’re beyond grateful to our family and friends for joining us on our absolutely amazing and incredible wedding!”

No Mention Of Sister Wives Patriarch Kody Brown On Instagram

On social media, David Woolley, the new husband of Christine Brown left off the bit about being “so happy that someone let her go.” Actually, that seems a pity because Sister Wives fans might have had a  lot of fun with that. After all, there are very few people who claim to like Kody Brown. Once, the TLC star described her relationship with him as being that of a “basement wife.” Hopefully, basements don’t feature in the TLC star’s life with her grateful new husband.

Do you think that David Woolley seemed to shade Kody Brown subtly and thank him for losing his unicorn? Are you happy that finally, there’s a man in the life of Christine Brown who loves her for who she is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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