‘Bachelor’ Star Carly Waddell Teams Up With A Backstreet Boy

Courtesy of ABC. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass appear on Bachelor In Paradise.

The former Bachelor contestant is receiving help from a Backstreet Boy with the hopes of launching her new career as a country music singer.

With three separate appearances in The Bachelor franchise, Carly Waddell is well-versed in facing rejection and heartbreak. Waddell first appeared on Season 17 of The Bachelor. She made it to week 7 before she was eliminated from the show. In Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise, Waddell made it to week 6 before breaking things off with Kirk DeWindt. Remaining focused, she returned the following season where she finally found her chance at love. Waddell became one of the winners of Season 3 when she accepted Evan Bass’ engagement proposal.

Waddell and Bass would later be married during an episode of Bachelor In Paradise in Season 4. Officiated by host Chris Harrison, the couple completed their vows on the shores of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

Carly Waddell Wants It That Way

One thing that Waddell has not done in her time in the spotlight is quit without giving it her all. And that’s exactly what she’s doing with the next chapter in her career. With the help of Nick Carter, a member of The Backstreet Boys, Waddell is attempting to leave her mark on the country music scene. The divorced mother of two spoke to The Tennessean about her desire to follow her dreams.

After her split with Bass in 2020, Waddell decided to move to Nashville to pursue her passion. “Because that’s where music lives,” she said. Waddell saw her window of opportunity closing and chose to not give up without a fight.

Carly Waddell via YouTube 2
Carly Waddell via YouTube 2

“Then I was like, f*** it. Being a single mom, I figured out how to do all this stuff, give the kids baths, make them lunches, bring them to school,” Waddell said. “There was this moment, like, if I could do this all for them, what am I doing, what can I do, for myself? I have so much to say as a woman, and I want to teach my children, however old you are, however divorced you are, you can still do the things you want to do.”

Waddell initially created her own YouTube channel three years ago to feature makeup tutorials and focus on her family life. After her divorce, Waddell has now shifted that focus towards her budding music career. Waddell pledges to post new music at a regular pace, including her latest single “My Kind Of Woman.” She has since built a modest following on YouTube to go along with her nearly one million followers on Instagram.

Getting A Boost From A Backstreet Boy

On October 7, Waddell opened for Nick Carter at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. In a bit of a fan-girl moment, Waddell couldn’t help but share her excitement on social media.

“Someone pinch me!!!! I am a featured singer on the @nickcarter Who I Am tour for the Nashville date OCTOBER 7th!!!” Waddell wrote in an Instagram post. “I’ll be singing two songs as one of his openers! If you told middle school Backstreet Boys obsessed Carly that this was in her future she would have lost her mind….oh wait….I’m STILL doing that!!!!!”

But that’s not all. The Backstreet Boy has invited Waddell to join him on tour next month. Waddell announced her upcoming gigs in a cheeky Instagram post mimicking The Bachelor.

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