‘RHONJ’ Joe Gorga’s Relationship With Teresa Is A ‘Shame’

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RHONJ househusband Joe Gorga claims his current relationship with sister, Teresa Giudice is a ‘shame.’ The two have had a lot of strain over the past several years. Yet, the hope was that they would come together once their father passed away. That never happened and things just kept getting worse. So, where do the two stand as of now? Read on for more details.

RHONJ Joe Gorga’s Relationship With Teresa Is A ‘Shame’

Teresa Giudice has long blamed her brother, Joe Gorga’s wife for their problems. She says that Melissa Gorga, who joined the RHONJ in Season 3, has been the culprit. Additionally, she alleged that they were never there for her and her kids when she was in jail. It was alluded that the Gorgas just used Teresa as a storyline and vice versa. Sadly, her four daughters always adored their aunt and uncle until recently, and then jabs were thrown and it became a mess. So bad in fact that Joe and Melissa missed Teresa’s 2022 wedding to Luis Ruelas.

Melissa and Joe Gorga-YouTube
Melissa, Joe Gorga-YouTube

Though Teresa did not want to film any longer with Melissa, they were both brought back for Season 14. It has been filmed with its own turmoil but how are Teresa and her brother doing? She and Melissa do not have to get along but she can clearly have her own relationship with her brother. According to The Sun, it appears that there is no relationship to speak of at this moment. Per Joe Gorga: “It’s been a ride. It’s a shame. It’s the way it is. But what are you going to do?”

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The father of three is prepping to head out on a comedy tour but will he reference the RHONJ drama? “No, I do very little housewife stuff. Just enough for the show and that’s it,” he claimed. So, what does he joke about then? “It’s more, like, inside real family stuff, which is stuff [fans] don’t see on TV. I talk about my kids’ stuff that happens with them in life. And it’s just real s**t that people that are married, people that are dating, people that have children go through every day.”

Crazy Season

Season 14 may show Melissa and Joe Gorga staying away from Teresa Giudice but it is not short of excitement. A few weeks back, Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral got into an altercation where blood was apparently shed. Both ladies were temporarily suspended but were able to resume filming. It may not be what fans are used to but it is new and different so that will make it fun and fresh.

Do you think that Joe and Teresa can ever resolve their differences or will they always stay estranged? Let us know in the comments below.

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