Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga Flipping Season 14 Upside Down?

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How are Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga flipping Season 14 of RHONJ upside down? They have not really caused any core drama just yet. Therefore, have they put the series into a tailspin by staying calm and collected? Or, is something more going on? Read on for more details.

Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga Flipping Season 14 Upside Down?

Fans may remember Teresa Giudice flipping tables but now she and her sister-in-law are doing the same for Season 14. RHONJ ended last season with the two women going at each other. Yet, Teresa maintained that she would never see Melissa Gorga ever again. That led fans to wonder if someone would get fired. However, neither one was let go and the whole cast from Season 13 was invited back. They have had several events so far and some, the two ladies did not even interact at. Others, the women just did not attend together or simply were not invited.

Melissa Gorga - Teresa Giudice - RHONJ, YouTube
Melissa Gorga – Teresa Giudice – RHONJ, YouTube

Jackie Goldschneider, who has been a “friend of” for two seasons now, shared that the show has gone on without the drama between Melissa and Teresa. Then, Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin got into it so badly that they were both temporarily suspended. Filming has since started up again with them but what is going on this season with Teresa and Melissa? How are they screwing up RHONJ? According to The Sun, production is in a pickle since the two still won’t even interact with one another. Yes, they have filmed together but that does not mean they have said a word.

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Teresa, Melissa-Instagram
An insider had this to say: “The drama has shifted from Melissa and Teresa to the other cast because there is no drama between Melissa and Teresa since they are not talking whatsoever. Producers have to still make a show that’s entertaining and need the ratings, so they’re pulling strings to make it work.” Yet, fans have claimed that they had grown tired of the same storyline between the Gorgas and Teresa Giudice.

How To Make It Work?

It seems that RHONJ Season 14 does have some drama in the can. Teresa Giudice was not invited to her brother, Joe Gorga’s birthday party. This was an event filmed for the show. Additionally, her husband, Luis Ruelas was not received well at all during a charity softball game thrown by Dolores Catania. So, that could be something to talk about. Finally, the altercation between Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin happened at a Teresa event. More so, it may have caused bloodshed so production may want Teresa and Melissa drama but they have a lot to work with.

Do you want to see the women go at each other like the old days or are you ready for new drama? Let us know in the comments below.

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