‘Sister Wives’: Ysabel Brown Big Life Update 2023

Ysabel Brown Instagram

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown received the sympathy of many after getting snubbed by Kody during her back surgery in New Jersey. But despite the patriarch’s decision not to go, the 20-year-old continues to show him love. She even paid him a sweet tribute on Father’s Day. Christine’s daughter has been living happily behind cameras. Many are also curious about her new boyfriend, whom she seemingly soft-launched in July. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

Sister Wives: Where Does Ysabel Brown Live Today?

Ysabel moved to North Carolina when she graduated from high school in 2022. Her graduation party was featured in Season 17. Kody was also present at the celebration, though he was “feeling blue” due to Christine’s revelation of wanting to leave the family.

Sister Wives Ysabel Brown Instagram
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Ysabel lived with Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, for quite some time. However, the 27-year-old later revealed that her step-sister left. She also expected it and revealed that the young adult was longing for her family when she moved for spring break. Therefore, it’s safe to say that she’s now enjoying life closer to her mother in Utah.

Where Does Ysabel Study?

Mykelti Brown Padron previously shared updates on her Patreon regarding Ysabel’s college journey. According to the 27-year-old, her sister’s college in NC wasn’t what she expected. She was mainly working and only had a couple of friends. Due to this, she moved back to Utah and went to college. The mother of three also added that she’s currently living in a house shared with other students.

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Ysabel Brown is currently attending the University of Utah. She stays low-profile regarding her college life. But Mykelti said that she now has a much better social life. The eleventh child of Kody also made an appearance in Christine’s cooking show spinoff last month.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown’s Love Life

One of the biggest highlights for Ysabel this year is her love life. In July, the Sister Wives star uploaded a photo with a man. She had her arms on the guy’s lap, making fans believe that they were a couple. Christine’s fifth child has yet to share details about the mysterious man. But it seems he had already met the TLC star’s family, considering that he was holding one of Mykelti’s kids in the photo.

Ysabel Instagram
Photo Credit: @ysabelpaigebrown Instagram

Ysabel Brown remains positive on her IG page despite the heartbreaking events in Season 18. She has also been close to her mother’s fiance, David Woolley.

The ninth episode of Season 18 will air on Sunday, October 15. If you are looking for more Sister Wives news, come back to TV Shows Ace for all your updates.

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