‘Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown’s Brother Dead At 54

Meri Brown of TLC's Sister Wives Feature from Instagram

Tragic breaking news for fans of TLC’s Sister Wives as Meri Brown’s brother has been confirmed dead at the age of 54. It was Meri herself who took to Instagram just minutes ago to confirm the sad passing of her brother. What did Meri have to say about her brother’s passing? Did she confirm his cause of death? Keep reading for the tragic details the TLC personality decided to share with fans.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Brother Dead At 54

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri took to Instagram with some tragic news. Her brother Adam was dead. He passed away yesterday. Her post reveals that his death comes just a few months before his 55th birthday. Tragically, the news did not come as a total shock as Meri had received a text message several weeks prior from her brother. He had made a difficult decision. Meri Brown’s brother decided he did not wish to continue his chemo treatment.

Meri explained her brother arrived at this decision “due to the rapid progression of his cancer & deterioration of his body.”

She shared with her 869K Instagram followers: “I have so many good memories with him over the years, because, siblings. I also have some not so good memories with him through the years, because, siblings.”

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News Of His Death Came With A Hard Reality

After learning her brother Adam’s cancer was terminal and that he just had a few months or a few weeks to live… Meri admits “something” hit her “like a ton of bricks.”

She continued to explain: “After his passing, I would be the one remaining from the original four.”

We lost Teresa, our sister just younger than me, to cancer in 2006. We lost our oldest brother Marc to heart issues in 2015. Now Adam to another type of cancer.”


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Meri Brown continued to share that she didn’t understand exactly why she was feeling this way. She clarified that “just” her mother had seven children. So, she still had three younger sisters who were alive. Plus, she had other siblings due to the unique structure of her family.

She continued to write out her feelings as she tried to understand them.

The only 4 that were born in CA and have memories of our young childhood there? The only 4 that were in existence before we moved to Utah where mom & dad began their lives as a plural family?

Not really coming to an answer, Meri Brown concluded she hoped she would understand why she felt this way one day. For now, she hoped her brother was resting in peace.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

TLC Fans Showered Meri Brown With Support

Fans of Sister Wives rushed into the comments of her post to tell Meri how sorry they were. They also showered her with support and prayers during this difficult time. Many noted they would be thinking of her. And, they hoped she could find comfort in her brother not suffering anymore.

Rest in peace, Adam. Fans of TLC’s Sister Wives’ thoughts and prayers are with Meri Brown during this difficult time.

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