David Eason Slams Media, Calls It ‘Satan’s Work’

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Teen Mom alum David Eason slammed the media and proceeded to call it ‘Satan’s work.’ He has been struggling with his wife, Jenelle Evans, to get their truth heard. Once again, he is speaking out and letting his followers know what is really going on. More so, he is saying who they should and should not believe. Read on for more details.

David Eason Slams Media, Calls It ‘Satan’s Work’

Eveer since Jenelle Evans’ eldest child, Jace ran away for the first time, it has been chaos. Evans and her husband, David Eason have been under a microscope but they have both tried to set the record straight. There was a question if Jace initially did not want to be in the home due to personal issues between Jenelle and David. They had been arguing with Jenelle blasting it all over social media. However, she maintained that their problems never impacted the three kids who lived in the home. Then, when Jace ran away for the third time, it was even worse.

Jenelle Evans Schools Teen Mom Fans On Pickup Scenes [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]
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He alleged that he did so because David had assaulted him. Of course, Jenelle made a few videos encouraging fans and followers that she had custody of her three children. More so, there were no problems and she would be able to tell her truth in a month. As for David, he shared that he was tired of the lies. He went so far as to post a handful of pic of him and Jace having fun times together. The goal was to show they got along swimmingly and these rumors had to be debunked.

David Eason-Facebook
David Eason-Facebook

Now, once again, Davd Eason is doing damage control. Both he and his wife feel like they are being personally targeted by specific outlets. Therefore, he made another post on Facebook about the difference between who he is and how themedia portrays him to be. He also added that it is all to make money from slandering him, referring to it as ‘Satan’s work.’ Though he says it is ‘evil,’ he noted that it does not scare him.

Don’t Forget One Thing

In the midst of Dvaid Eason trying to defend himself and his family, he wanted to remind his followers of one thing. He recently dropped a new song and encouraged fans to download it. So, despite his tireless attempts to prove that he truly cares about his family, he still had time for shameless self-promotion. So, what did the followers have to say? Some called him “irrelevant” and told him to stop using the situation for song views. Then, there were others who told him to ignore he haters. It seems it will always be a mixed bag but at the end of the day, everyone needs to do what is best for Jace.

What do you think of David’s latest statement? Do you think he is being sincere or is this more damage control? Let us know in the comments below.

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